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Fancy a chance to win Connexin Live tickets every month?

Sign up for Connexin Broadband and you'll automatically be entered into our Ultimate Xperience draw*

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What's the Ultimate Xperience?

It's our way of thanking Connexin customers by rewarding you each month with a free prize draw for your chance to win tickets to your favourite music, comedy, and live shows.

Plus, as proud sponsors of Connexin Live, we're giving away much, much, more.

Customer's who sign up to our premium speed packages will also have a chance to win all the wonderful VIP extras below.

Get Xtra special treatment

rest and relax

Rest & Relax

Sit back and chill out in our exclusive Xperience lounge before the show, during intervals, and after the show ends.

exclusive access

Exclusive Access

Winners will receive VIP treatment, with access to a private bar where you'll be served by a dedicated host, courtesy of Connexin Live.

food and drink

Exquisite Food & Drink

Fill your boots and your bellies before the show starts with a variety of food options availble.

Luxury Balcony seating

Luxury Balcony Seating

Ultimate Xperience winners get exclusive access to the best seats in the house, right next to the Xperience Lounge.


Where do I sign-up?

Easy. Just enter your postcode and sign-up to one of our packages for your chance to win.

Already a customer? Even better! You'll be entered into the prize draw automatically each month.

The boring bit...

Yes! There are Terms and Conditions!

Good news is, if you are a current customer, who is in contract and up-to-date on payments, then you are already entered into the prize draw!

To put it simply:
- In the first week of each month, we will draw 4 lucky winners who will win a pair of Connexin Live tickets each to a show of their choice (subject to availability).

- To automatically be entered into the giveaway, you will need to be a current customer that is in a contract with us that was 12 months or longer at the time of purchase, be fully up to date on any payments, not in your 14 day cooling off period at the start of your contract or in the process of leaving us.

- To be eligible for VIP tickets, you must be on a contract with average download speeds over or including 900Mbps.

- There will be 2 pairs of VIP tickets and 2 pairs of normal Connexin Live tickets each month.

Full terms and conditions for the prize draw can be found below:

Updated - 01/07/24