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Full fibre broadband deals for Hull & East Yorkshire:

Are you searching for hot fibre broadband deals? We offer reliable, hyperfast internet with stable pricing, no hidden costs and many more benefits making our broadband the perfect choice for your home. Who wouldn't want broadband that gives you more?

Connexin Fibre 125 Broadband Package: Experience hyperfast gigabit speeds perfect for streaming, gaming, and downloading
Connexin Fibre 500 Broadband Package: Experience hyperfast gigabit speeds perfect for streaming, gaming, and downloading
Connexin Fibre 1000 Broadband Package: Experience hyperfast gigabit speeds perfect for streaming, gaming, and downloading
Connexin Fibre 1500 Broadband Package: Experience hyperfast gigabit speeds perfect for streaming, gaming, and downloading

These Promotional Terms and Conditions apply to new or returning customers who are not currently in contract and sign up to a relevant Connexin Fibre Broadband package from May 29th 2024.

Please note that we reserve the right to withdraw or amend any of the following Promotional Terms and Conditions at any time. Connexin can withdraw special offers from www.connexin.co.uk at any time.

If you sign up for any Connexin Fibre Broadband Product during this period the following promotion will be applied.

Connexin Fibre 125 - 1 Month Free

Connexin Fibre 500 - 4 Months Free

Connexin Fibre 1000 - 4 Months Free

Connexin Fibre 1500 – “For the price of 1000”

Fibre 1500 “For the price of 1000” promotion refers to the Fibre 1000 base price of £49.99 per month. This price will remain fixed throughout the contract's lifetime. Upon contract expiration, the standard rate of £70 will apply unless you choose to renew under alternative offers available at that time.

The ‘4 Months Free' offer applies to Fibre500 and Fibre1000 packages only and does not apply to Fibre 1500.

The ‘1 Month Free’ or ‘4 Months free’ discounts will be applied as bill credit to your Connexin account immediately upon installation, on the first month, or the first four months of your services.

There are no changes to any other standard prices in our standard Price Book unless stated otherwise within these Promotional Terms and Conditions.

All charges set out in our Price Book are inclusive of VAT.

Our Standard Terms & Conditions for Connexin Fibre Products will apply when taking out this promotional offer.

Any additional charges such as missed appointment fees, additional labour or extra equipment detailed in our Price Book will still apply.

All offers are subject to eligibility and location. Eligibility can be checked via our website.

Why Choose Connexin Fibre Broadband in Hull and East Yorkshire?

Choosing the right broadband package can be confusing, we offer unbeatable reliability, ultrafast speeds and the best value for money in the region.

No in-contract price rises with Connexin Full Fibre Broadband

No sneaky price increases

Unlike our competitors who subject customers to yearly price hikes, there will be no bill shock with Connexin as we guarantee fixed-in-contract pricing.

That's more dosh saved for the things you love.

Surfing the internet whilst doing good

For every new connection to Connexin Fibre, we donate up to £20 to local charities. So far, we have raised over £50k and counting, thank YOU!

We donate £20 from every internet broadband purchase to Connexin cares

Connexin Smarthome app

Turn your phone or tablet into a Wi-Fi remote control with our Smarthome app - free for all customers. Control everything from renaming your network and managing internet security to setting up a guest Wi-Fi network at the touch of a button.

Some competitors might offer basic router controls, but our Smarthome app goes a step further for a truly connected home experience.

Connexin Smart Home App: Manage your Fibre Broadband with ease. Control Wi-Fi, set limits, and optimise your home network
Keep your kids safe on the internet with our built-in broadband security as standard.

24/7 protection for all connected devices with Protect IQ

Keep your connected devices safe from online threats ranging from your phone, tablets, smart fridges to baby monitors. If it’s smart and connected to our Wi-Fi, it’s protected. Your devices are shielded from malware, viruses, and other online dangers, giving you peace of mind.

While some competitors might offer basic security, Protect IQ provides the most comprehensive shield for your devices.

Manage Fibre Broadband Limits & Enjoy Quality Family Time. Promote Healthy Online Habits for a Balanced Home Life.

Set usage limits by device and user with Experience IQ

Set usage and time limits for the whole family to encourage healthy online habits and set bandwidth restrictions to support devices that need it the most.

Hull's fastest fibre broadband

With Connexin, you can guarantee you are getting the fastest speeds in the region, with speeds up to 1500mbps. That's up to 50% faster broadband speeds than the competition.

Connexin: Hull's Fastest Fibre Broadband Up to 1500mbps

Ready to upgrade to Hull's fastest internet connection?

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What speed do I need?

Here's a breakdown of our broadband deals, so you can find the perfect fit for your internet needs:

125mbps - Reliable connection for browsing:

Stay connected with reliable internet for everyday tasks like browsing the web, checking emails, and social media.

500mbps - Essential home entertainment:

Enjoy smooth streaming of your favourite shows and movies, browse the web with ease, and support multiple connected devices. Great for small families and those who enjoy online entertainment.

1000mbps - Gamers & households with heavy reliance on the internet:

Power through online gaming sessions and stream high-definition content simultaneously. Ideal for households with gamers, streamers, and multiple devices using the internet at once.

1500mbps - For those who want the best of the best:

Stream 4K content effortlessly, download massive files in seconds, and experience lag-free online gaming for the ultimate home network. Perfect for large households with heavy internet usage.

Still Unsure? Let us Help You Decide.

Give our friendly customer service team a call and they'll be happy to assist you.

Download speed times for a HD movie (avg. 5gb)

11mbps - an illustration of broadband speed
32mbps - an illustration of standard broadband connection
62mbps - an illustration of average broadband speed
125mbps - an illustration of fast broadband connection
500mbps - an illustration of ultrafast broadband connection
1000mbps - an illustration of hyperfast broadband speed
1500mbps - an illustration of gigafast broadband speed

Switching is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Check your postcodeEnter your postcode to check which broadband deals are available in your area.
Select a broadband dealGet the speed you need at a price that suits you.
Get connectedExpert installation with personalised home Wi-Fi design. You’ll be online in no time.

See how our speeds leave competitors trailing behind

Connexin Hull Fibre Broadband Speed Comparison
KCOM Broadband Speed Comparison
Hull Fibre Speed Comparison
Grain Fibre Speed Comparison
Our friendly local team are here to help in Hull

Friendly & local support

Connexin offers friendly, local support you can trust. Our knowledgeable customer service team is based in Hull, so you can chat with real humans who understand your needs. Whether you prefer a quick call or a detailed conversation via live chat, our team is here to answer your questions, troubleshoot any issues, and ensure you get the most out of your Connexin fibre broadband experience.

Fibre Broadband Engineers

Cutting-edge fibre & Wi-Fi 6 technology

We design, build, and operate our entire network using the most advanced technology. Every package also includes our latest industry-leading Wi-Fi 6 router, ensuring consistent fast speeds throughout your home. Plus, Connexin customers enjoy free access to our powerful Smarthome app for ultimate control and convenience.

Ready to upgrade to Hull's fastest internet connection?

Use our postcode checker to see if our network reaches you.

Not in a Connexin area? Want better Hull broadband? No worries, we have you covered!

Partner Fibre 125Mbps
Partner Fibre 500Mbps
Partner Fibre 500Mbps

Our Awards

B Corp certified

We’re making a positive impact

We’re proud to be B-Corp certified, standing alongside some of the nations most loved brands. We’re committed to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Norther Tech Awards 2024 - 2nd Fastest Growing Company

We’re one of the North’s fastest-growing companies

We’ve been named in the 'Northern Tech Awards Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies' three years in a row and named second fastest growing company in 2024.

Connexin named a great place to work 2024

Our staff love working here

We’re a certified ‘Great Place to Work’, voted by our team. We are proud that our staff feel they can fully be themselves at work, and despite fast growth, we have kept the intimate family feel.

Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024

The Sunday Times best place to work

Yep, that is the second award that recognises Connexin for being a fabulous business to work for with a great culture, voted by our own happy team.