Connexin Media digital advertising screen on Anlaby Road

Digital Out of Home across prime locations in Hull

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Digital billboard on Anlaby Road Hull

Digital billboards strategically placed next to the busiest routes in the city. And we can prove it.

Our super-sharp LED screens dominate prime locations in Hull, whilst our IoT sensors deliver real-time insights on vehicle flow and footfall. With Connexin Media, we use the power of smart technology to provide you with true, tangible results - we don't believe in overinflated estimations.

Our Locations

Connexin Media digital advertising screen on Anlaby Road

Anlaby Road | Digital

Averaging over 35,000 cars per day, take advantage of our site at one of Hull's busiest junctions.

Connexin Media digital advertising screen 'The Phoenix'

The Phoenix | Digital

Place your advert on the busiest route in and out of Hull, Clive Sullivan Way (A63). The Phoenix offers unrivalled exposure for your business.

Connexin Media paper advertising billboard on Rawling Way

Rawling Way | Classic

Located next to our Anlaby Road digital screen, take advantage of an extra opportunity to amplify your campaign with our classic 96-Sheet paper billboard.

Connexin Media paper advertising billboard on North Road

North Road | Classic

A collection of three 48-sheet classic paper billboards available to book as a single or group.

The Phoenix Digital billboard

Our latest addition, say hello to The Phoenix.

Based next to the A63, the busiest route in and out of Hull, The Phoenix boasts two super-sharp LED screens. Often the first and last impression of our city for commuters, there's no better place to platform your advertisements. It's a game-changer.

Why Connexin Media?

Viewing eye
Adverts you can’t swipe awayOur Out Of Home locations stand proudly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Showcase adverts you just can't ignore.
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Build Brand FameOutdoor advertising is a key part of building brand awareness and recognition, you’ll benefit from repetitive impressions with commuters seeing your advertisement on their daily route.
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Realtime reportingTake the guess work out of results, our Smart Sensors track vehicle count and footfall as it happens.
Location tag with house
Let’s get localReach a specific audience with hyper-local targeting, or include Hull in your national campaign for broader coverage. Outdoor advertising offers you the unique opportunity to engage with a specific community.

Brands we work with

Want to join them? Chat with us.

New to outdoor advertising? We've got you covered.


Outdoor advertising is a cost-effective investment due to its wide reach and constant visibility - the lower cost per impression and extended exposure in high-traffic areas ensure excellent value for your spend.

We're flexible and our team can craft custom solutions that fit within your advertising budget, all whilst delivering maximum impact for your campaign and building brand fame.

Three core principles drive the success of outdoor advertising campaigns:

Choose high-traffic locations that match your target audience (Rest assured, all of Connexin Media's locations are strategically positioned in the busiest spots across Hull)

Use bold and simple messaging for easy readability.

Make sure your design is visually appealing.

Combining outdoor ads with other marketing channels can amplify your campaign's reach and impact. Our team will work with you to select optimal sites that drive the best results.

Get in touch with us! We've got a handy tips and tricks document, along with the artwork specifications for all of our sites. We see great adverts every day and we're always happy to provide pointers on how to make your advert stand out if you need it.

Don't have a designer? We know some excellent Graphic Designers and Agencies that can help you craft the perfect advert. Let us know and we can put you in touch.

With outdoor advertising, your brand gets constant visibility in high-traffic areas, ensuring your message reaches a large and diverse audience.

Outdoor adverts can't be swiped away, blocked or muted. Its unavoidable nature, combined with strategic placement and eye-catching designs, captures attention and enhances brand recognition.

We recommend digital advertising for its flexibility and the ability to easily update messages as your campaign evolves. With our digital screens, you have the unique opportunity to run multiple advert creatives within one campaign, maximising your messaging. Complemented by our super-sharp LED screens, you'll be able to capture attention with vibrant displays and grab the attention of commuters.

However, classic paper ads remain a cost-effective option with their own charm and constant visibility. Depending on your campaign goals and budget, we can help you choose the best option to achieve maximum impact.

See what our customers are saying

We used the Connexin screen next to Hull Royal Infirmary as part of our Bluey campaign. The ad was seen by thousands of motorists every day and contributed to a fantastic show - we've already booked our next campaign with Paul and the team.
Connexin Live Logo
Connexin Live
Hull's Premier Entertainment Venue
A very good experience, Connexin / Paul was very helpful and great communication all the way through our Advertisement campaign. Great service, will definitely be using again in the future.
Hanson Electrical Logo
Hanson Electrical
Luxury, but affordable, Kitchens & Electrical Appliances
We've been advertising with Paul and Connexin since end of 2023 and have found them professional and knowledgeable. They have a good understanding of the local area and market and always offer great advice without being pushy.
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Upholstery Designs
British, Quality Upholstered Furniture