Internet of Things: Enabling the Smart Cities and Communities of Tomorrow

We empower public and private organisations to deploy end-to-end smart Internet of things (IoT) solutions — connecting any device over any network and platform.


Brands That Rely on our IoT Solutions

Hull City Council
Sheffield City Council

Enterprise IoT Solutions from Connexin

From improving our environment to creating more efficient, more cost-effective services for UK cities, our IoT solutions are creating a bridge between today and tomorrow.

Connext Devices
Connect DevicesConnect any IoT device on our powerful, fully flexible network of networks.
Integrate Data
Integrate DataCombine all your data sets onto a single platform, CityOS, giving you total control and 360 degree insights.
Automate Processes
Automate ProcessesAutomate day-to-day manual processes with data, powerful machine learning, and a best-in-class AI engine.
Optimise Operations
Optimise OperationsOptimise operations with data insights and automation. Cut costs and create new revenue streams.

Harness the Power of Smart Technology

Thousands of UK businesses and organisations trust us to help them solve business challenges, grow their businesses and serve more customers.

IoT Smart City Solutions by Industry

Key IoT solutions designed and built to maximise efficiency, improve safety, and transform the way we live, work, and play.


Cities & Communities

We help create smart cities and communities that are safer, more efficient, and cost-effective, and in turn improving the quality of life for all citizens.

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Smart Utilities

We enable smart metering over our IoT networks which enables greater monitoring, improved efficiencies, and reduced costs.

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We provide smarter and more efficient ways to transport, track, and monitor assets while optimising your fleet operations.



We use the power of IoT networks to create a safer and cleaner environment, improving the wellbeing of citizens.

Modern Smart Building

Smart Buildings

Smart building automation helps landlords better monitor their buildings, in turn reducing operational and running costs

Connect to our advanced IoT Network of Networks

We design, build, and operate our own IoT networks consisting of different technology sets, such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, FWA, and 5G.

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Bringing Data Together


A simple but powerful data platform, ConnexinOS, brings different datasets together to enable you to easily manage all of your assets in the same place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet of things works by allowing physical devices and sensors embedded with software to communicate with each other or a central server via the Internet. These devices and sensors can be controlled remotely, improving efficiency and providing new insights.

IoT Smart City is a suite of network connected devices — such as lights, sensors, and meters — that communicate wirelessly and via the cloud thereby enabling the remote monitoring and management of urban facilities, utilities and services, such as water, logistics, and healthcare.

In 2019, we developed and launched the UK’s first ever dedicated IoT Smart City platform in Hull to bring data from across a number of council services into one platform, driving further insights and efficiencies on day-to-day activities across the city. For example, we installed a collection of intelligent sensors to collect real-time data on air quality following a damning report on Hull’s pollution levels.

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