Connexin Acquires Pure Broadband

Management of Connexin and PureBroadband

In a unique broadband deal, Connexin has acquired Pure Broadband as we continue our efforts to extend fibre connectivity throughout Hull and the wider East Riding of Yorkshire region.

Our acquisition of Hull internet service provider (ISP) Pure Broadband welcomes more than 15,000 new customers and 150 new colleagues into the fold — turning Connexin into one of the largest alternative network providers (Alt-Nets) in the North.

This follows our acquisition of Hull ISP Wisper Broadband and fast tracks our commitment to challenge Hull’s incumbent provider. As our network continues to rapidly expand, more customers will gain access to best-in-class broadband deals and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been offering fast, reliable broadband to thousands of customers across Hull since 2012. We recently announced that we’re building our own fibre to the city’s home network to break the telecoms monopoly in place for over 70 years. This is an exciting opportunity that brings two hugely successful local businesses together to create a fairer marketplace for the city we are all so passionate about.

Through this acquisition, Pure Broadband’s existing customers will have the first opportunity to join a new best-in-class fibre network to take their broadband experience to the next level.

Nothing will change with your Pure Broadband contract. We’ll continue to debit your account in the same way each month for the same amount, on the same date.

Once Connexin Fibre becomes available in your area, as a Pure customer you will be offered the opportunity to switch to our Fibre. As a result of this acquisition, you’ll be eligible for exclusive packages and special offers as a thank you for your continued loyalty to Pure over the years.

Pure Broadband customers will see no immediate changes or interruption to their broadband services. The connection will operate through the same equipment and you should see no change in performance or speed.

Your pricing and package won’t change unless you request it by upgrading or changing tariffs. How and when you pay your bill will remain exactly the same.

Your existing router will continue to operate as normal, and no changes will be required.

The Pure Broadband phone line will still be available, and you can contact the Pure Broadband team on 01482 77 88 38 at 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday.

All installations will go ahead on their scheduled date in the agreed time slot. We’ll continue to send out our engineers to their appointments to make sure you’re online and receiving the speeds you are paying for!

Of course. Our team are all staying and will continue to offer our award-winning levels of service!