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A remote control for your Wi-Fi?

Yep! Manage your network from your phone with our free, handy SmartHome app.

Experience Wi-Fi like never before

Our SmartHome app comes free with every Connexin Fibre package, giving you full control over your network. Life’s complicated, your broadband shouldn’t be.

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We're giving you the control

Who’s eating all the bandwidth?
Device snapshots let you see who and what is consuming your data. Dodgy device or Wi-Fi hungry kids? We’ll let you handle it from there…

Network management without the faff

Change your Wi-Fi network’s name and password in seconds, run speed tests and reboot your router all within the app. Hosting a party? Or just want to give someone temporary access to your Wi-Fi? Set up 'Guest' networks in the app to keep your home's Wi-Fi password private.

If it’s connected, it’s protected

Enhanced network protection, as standard
We include our ‘ProtectIQ’ add-on for free with all Connexin Fibre packages for you and your family’s peace of mind.

An extra layer of security for every device

Great network security starts at the router, with Protect IQ, every smart device you have connected in your home gets an extra layer of protection, from baby monitors to gaming PCs. ProtectIQ blocks malware and viruses in real-time, we're constantly updating our database to block the latest threats and keep third parties from accessing your network.

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Get it on Google Play

Download on Google Play

Compatible with All Android Phone and Tablets

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store

Compatible with iPhone and iPad

Family spending time together watching TV on sofa

Trade online time for family time

Custom profiles for the people you love
Build a profile and assign devices to your family members so you can view reports, usage times and activity within the app.

Want screen-free dinner and bedtime?

We’re giving power back to parents, switch off the Wi-Fi for specific users or restrict their screentime when you need it most. (Unfortunately, we accept no responsibility for any arguments at bedtime….)

£5.00 p/m

*Included free with Fibre1000 & Fibre1500

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SmartHome app is designed to make network management a breeze. You shouldn’t have to be a tech whizz to control your broadband, so we’ve taken all the rich features of your Wi-Fi and added it to a simple, easy-to-use app for you to adjust.

You’ll be able to see more about your usage than ever before, pinpoint which devices are eating your bandwidth, allocate devices to specific rooms in your home and run speed tests straight from your phone. Our favourite part? You can switch off the Wi-Fi on any device from the comfort of your sofa.

We’ve included ProtectIQ, our enhanced security add-on, free with all Connexin Fibre packages to give you extra peace of mind when it comes to your devices.

You can download our SmartHome App by searching "Connexin SmartHome" in the Android and Apple App Stores. It’s available on both smartphones and tablet devices.

Once you’ve launched the app, hit ‘let’s get started’. When creating an account, it’s important you use the same email address you used to sign up to Connexin Fibre.

From there, the app will guide you through the setup, you’ll need to scan the QR Code on the back (or side) of your router to get connected.

We’ve made the Connexin SmartHome app free for all Connexin Fibre customers! Plus, we’ve included the ProtectIQ add on, which offers full network protection, free of charge – we believe enhanced network security should come as standard.

ExperienceIQ is an optional add-on designed with parents in mind, you can add this on for an additional £5.00 p/m. Need extra parental controls? Get in touch with our team, we can remotely add this to your app with no extra installation needed.

ExperienceIQ offers enhanced parental controls for your Wi-Fi enabled devices. With the add on, you’ll be able to create custom profiles for all of your family members and allocate devices to their primary users. From there, the power is in your hands… switch off devices for specific users, allocate time limits for devices and view their usage.

Want a screen-free dinner time? Or want to stop your child surfing the web when they should be in bed? Simply flip the switch in the Connexin SmartHome app.

The SmartHome app is packed with rich features, if you need some help getting your head around where to start, we've put together a handy guide here: SmartHome App User Guide

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