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OFNL Broadband Deals

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OFNL connected residents, get ready to turbocharge your online experience.

Say goodbye to buffering and hello to seamless streaming, gaming, and downloads. With ultrafast fibre broadband, Connexin brings you a reliable alternative network, tailored with options for everyone. Join us and experience connectivity that's not just fast, but simply offers more than our competitors. Take control of your online experience with our Connexin Smart Home app and experience industry-leading OFNL network speeds.

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Experience Ultrafast OFNL Broadband with Connexin

OFNL broadband is a superfast internet connection delivered through a cutting-edge fibre optic network. Unlike traditional copper-based connectivity, OFNL broadband utilises fibre optic tech to deliver ultrafast speeds and a more reliable connection.

As a leading OFNL provider, Connexin offers a range of OFNL broadband packages designed to meet your needs.

OFNL is available in many new-build properties across the country.
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Here’s how we tower over our competition

SmartHome AppManage all your home devices, from entertainment to lighting and security, from your phone or tablet
Network ProtectionEnjoy full network protection for every connected device in your smart home, from baby monitors to gaming pcs
Free InstallationMiles cheaper than other OFNL offerings and only £12 delivery!

Understanding OFNL - Frequently Asked Questions:

OFNL is a company that creates ultrafast broadband networks in new homes. They don't provide internet services directly but instead allow different internet service providers (ISPs) to use their network.

OFNL builds the fibre optic infrastructure in new housing developments. Once the network is in place, various internet service providers can offer their broadband packages to residents using OFNL's network. This means residents have a choice of providers and plans.

OFNL brings ultrafast broadband to new homes, offering residents access to faster internet speeds. It also promotes competition among internet service providers, which can lead to better deals and more choice for consumers.

Yes, you can usually switch OFNL providers without any issues. If you would like to switch to Connexin or would like further information on our OFNL broadband deals, you can give our team a call on 01482 900800.

We offer a variety of OFNL packages with different speeds and prices to suit your needs. You can find more details on the Connexin OFNL Broadband Deals webpage.

Signing up for Connexin OFNL broadband is easy. You can sign up via our website or call us to speak to our customer service team on 01482 900800. We'll be happy to help you choose the right package and get you set up quickly.