IoT Solutions for Smart Water Networks

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Using Smart Water Networks to Reduce Operational Cost

Water utilities face numerous challenges related to leakage, pollution incidents, consumption, energy use and customer satisfaction. We work with these organisations to deploy Smart Water Networks to allow users to think differently, respond proactively and drive efficiency.

Organisations who utilise our Smart Water Network solutions

Yorkshire Water
Severn Trent

Some of the Challenges Facing Water Utilities

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Monitoring ConsumptionAccurately reporting on consumption is a major challenge for water utilities, ensuring that you are accurately charging customers, monitoring the energy used across the water network and managing demand is made easier with better data visualisation across the network.
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Driving EfficienciesLeaks, pollution incidents and over consumption all negatively impact efficiency if not dealt with in a timely manner. With traditional network monitoring being manually-intensive, the ability to proactively resolve issues can be hard to come by without physically identifying the issues, not to mention the environmental impact of manual processes such as these.
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Asset ConditionAsset condition monitoring is key to the success of a water network, if you’re unsure on where issues are within the network, being able to fix and resolve areas of concern can save a lot of headaches down the line. Leaks, water quality and machinery condition all impact the supply chain one way or another.

IoT for Smart Water Networks in Action

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Yorkshire Water

The UK’s most extensive Smart Water Network project

Connexin was engaged to provide the carrier-grade network to support Yorkshire Water’s move to AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), allowing devices across the network to communicate with one another in real-time and drive live insights across the network.

The Power of IoT

We are using the power of IoT and the data that we capture from the water networks to drive change in behaviour of users and improve the way we manage our water utility system.

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IoT Solutions for Utilities

Smart Meter

Smart Metering

Proactive monitoring of water usage to better manage cost and prevent wastage.


Pressure Sensor Monitoring

Quick identification of potential leaks within the system.


Sewer Level Detection

Early detection and warning to reduce the risk of overflow.


Asset Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of asset location ensuring safety and proactive maintenance.

Water Droplet

Water Quality Sensor

Proactive monitoring of quality of water and the system to improve wellbeing of citizens.

End to End IoT Deployment for Smart Utilties

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