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Gathering data from different devices, networks, and servers can quickly become cumbersome and expensive. ConnexinOS is a highly scalable and secure Internet of Things (IoT) platform that simplifies data aggregation and integration. It combines all your datasets into a single view, making management of key datasets and IoT devices easy.

Technology AgnosticCapture data from any IoT device, source, or network.
Data AggregationAggregate different datasets into a unified language
Single PlatformCombine different datasets from different sources onto a single platform
Automation & AIAction suggested outcomes based on SOPs (standard operating procedures) using the power of AI and machine learning

Features of ConnexinOS IoT Platform

Advanced VisualisationsVisualise all your assets on an intuitive dashboard
Device ManagementEasily onboard and manage IoT devices allowing you total control and self-service.
Monitoring & AlteringReal-time monitoring and altering based on events and SOPs
Data NormalisationNormalise data from different IoT devices and sources so they communicate seamlessly
Data StorageStore your data securely in the cloud
Data AnalyticsAnalyse data, draw conclusions, and make better decisions
Access ControlIntelligent, role-based access control for better management and data security
Secure CommunicationsDevice, gateway, and sensor communications are secured at the highest level
IntegrationOur IoT solution integrates seamlessly with other systems and platforms

Brands That Rely On Our ConnexinOS IoT Platform

hull city council
east riding of yorkshire council
yorkshire water

ConnexinOS Architecture


IoT Solutions Enabled by ConnexinOS

As a leading UK IoT operator, we provide end-to-end IoT solutions driven by outcomes — from streetlights to vehicle tracking to waste management and asset monitoring. Combine all your data onto a single platform to seamlessly manage and monitor what is happening in your city, community, or organisation.

What is IoT?

IoT describes a network of devices or ‘things’ embedded with sensors, actuators, and software that share data with each other and the cloud. There are more than 15 billion IoT devices in operation today, a number expected to reach 29 billion by 2030.

How Does the Internet of Things Work?

The Internet of Things works by allowing physical devices and sensors embedded with software to communicate with each other or a central server via the internet. These devices and sensors can be controlled remotely, improving efficiency and providing new data-driven insights.

What is an IoT Platform?

An IoT platform describes a network of internet-connected devices (Internet of Things) that interact and exchange data with each other via power-efficient wireless communication technologies such as 5G and LoRa. An IoT platform delivers value to your organisation through streamlined device lifecycle management and communication, data analytics, and application optimisation, allowing better and more strategic decision-making based on data insights.

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