Connexin Live 2019 – The Power of Data


Home-grown smart technology and digital specialist Connexin has unveiled plans for a major technology conference at the Bonus Arena in Hull at 5pm on October 1, 2019.

Connexin Live 2019 will bring together experts from leading businesses, local government, universities, and utilities to make connections, explore synergies, and learn from one another.

True to its mission of “enriching people’s lives through sustainable innovation and the unique power of the internet”, Connexin Live 2019 will focus on the ‘Power of Data’. Expert speakers from across the globe will lead deep-dive discussions and share learning with a focus on:

· How water industry data insights are reducing leaks and providing new ways to manage flooding

· How information about the quality of air around us can help save lives

· How CCTV data can be used to manage antisocial behaviour, manage road congestion, and much more

· How data insights are driving efficiency through new ways to plan and utilise a university campus

Partnership with Tech Expo Humber

Connexin is committed to holding our Connexin Live technology conference annually. Our 2018 technology conference brought guests from 27 countries into the city and included guest speakers from leading organisations such as Hull City Council, Cisco, Newcastle City Council, Rradar, Hull University, and the CCG.

This year, we plan to take the event to a whole new level, and have partnered with the Tech Expo Humber to bring in more than 5000 guests during the course of the two-day smart tech extravaganza.