Special Offer T&Cs

These Promotional Terms and Conditions apply to new or returning customers who are not currently in contract and sign up to a relevant Connexin Fibre Broadband package from 12:00am January 3rd 2024.

Please note that we reserve the right to withdraw or amend any of the following Promotional Terms and Conditions at any time. Connexin can withdraw special offers from www.connexin.co.uk at any time.

If you sign up to any Connexin Fibre Broadband Product (24-Month only) during this period the following promotion will be applied.

Connexin Fibre 125 - 1 Month Free

Connexin Fibre 500 - 6 Months Half Price

Connexin Fibre 1000 - 9 Months Half Price

Discounts will be applied as a one-off bill credit. The one-off bill credit will be applied to your Connexin Broadband account immediately upon installation of the service.

There are no changes to any other standard prices in our standard Price Book unless stated otherwise within these Promotional Terms and Conditions:

All charges set out in our Price Book are inclusive of VAT.

Our Standard Terms & Conditions for Connexin Fibre Products will apply when taking out this promotional offer.

Any additional charges such as missed appointment fees, additional labour or extra equipment detailed in our Price Book will still apply.

All offers are subject to eligibility and location. Eligibility can be checked via our website: 03-01-2024