Remote Monitoring

Real-time, continuous monitoring and alerting to support early detection and preventative action

Protecting Lives through
Remote Monitoring

All parts of society are required to make significant changes in behaviour from self-isolation to complete national lockdown throughout the world in order to contain the escalation of COVID-19. Remote health monitoring allows for discreet symptom discovery, allowing for proactive action to reduce the risk and spread of the virus to others within a controlled setting.

How we are protecting you from COVID risks

Supporting a Safe Return

We understand how busy high streets and work places will be as we come out of lock down. We share useful insights such as footfall counts, advising where the hotspots in order to keep people safe.

Keeping Safe at Work

Once you are back at work, how do you keep safe? By utilising our IoT network and devices, such as wearable sensors and desktop occupancy sensors, we can help you observe and enforce social distancing to keep each other safe, especially in communal areas.

Early Detection

To avoid unintentional spreading of the virus, our IoT devices can support further by identifying early signs of such as rise in body temperature and provider early warning to people and advising them to seek medical testing quickly.

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Where can Remote Monitoring be implemented


Remote patient management to support outpatient monitoring, care homes and the NHS.

Stadiums & Events

Digital health passports to support the opening of stadiums and outdoor events.

Schools & Universities

Creating a safer environment for pupils and students to return to schools and universities, giving parents the comfort that their children are safe.

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