Connexin Complaints Code of Practice

08/03/2023 – version 2.0

Policy Statement

At Connexin, we aim to always provide you with exceptional service. However, there may be a time when you are not happy with us or our services.

This Complaints Code of Practice (“Complaints Code”) lets you know how to make a complaint and how to take your complaint further if needed. If you are unhappy with any part of our service, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to resolve this with you.

We are regulated in the UK by Ofcom, the UK communications regulator. We are also a member of the UK Internet Service Providers Association (“ISPA”) and Ombudsman Services (an independent alternative dispute resolution service). Details of these services are available at the end of this document.If your services are not covered by any of the bodies mentioned above please refer to your customer handbook or accounts manager for further information.

Pricing and charges may change subject to the terms and conditions of your products/service, prior to making a complaint in regards to any changes to your charges or additional fees please refer to the terms and conditions for your products/services.

Should you wish to query your payments or amounts charged beyond reviewing the terms and conditions please contact a member of our Service Delivery team who will assist with any further questions you may have.

This Complaints Code covers all products and services Connexin or Connexin Group Companies provides.

Our Responsibilities

To ensure that your complaints are managed efficiently and fairly.

To ensure that you are kept informed throughout the complaint process and understand the timeline for resolution.

To ensure that you are kept informed of the investigation and outcome.

To ensure that our complaint process is reviewed regularly to improve the quality of our service.

How to Make a Complaint

To register a complaint, you can contact us via the below channels:

Telephone 01482 363738

Live chat

E-mail via [email protected]

Post to:-

Connexin Limited – Complaints Team

K3 Business Park

Unit 28/29 First Floor

Clough Road,



Should your query relate to our build or fibre rollout, please contact our Build Enquiries Team at [email protected] alternatively, you can contact us using the above methods and all queries will be directed to this team.

As part of the initial investigation, we may contact you to clarify some details to ensure the nature of your complaint is logged correctly. As such we advise that written communication is made to ensure all details of your complaint are accurately logged.

When registering your complaint please provide the following information:

Name of the account holder (for any build queries, please provide your full name)

Full address with the postcode of where services are delivered to.

Description of your complaint

Handling Your Complaint

Our Service Delivery Team will first work with you to efficiently resolve all issues raised within your complaint, should further escalation be required your complaint will be referred to The Complaints Team.

Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing via email within 10 business days.

A full investigation into your complaint will be conducted by our Complaints Team within 8 weeks, however, we will endeavour to resolve all complaints as soon as possible.

During the investigation, we will look at all the previous communication you’ve had with us. This includes written communication as well as call recordings.

Sometimes more time is required to resolve complex complaints. If this is the case, we will contact you to update you on your complaint status.

We will email you the outcome of your complaint once a full investigation has been completed.

Please be aware that not all services provided by Connexin are covered by Ofcom.

If your complaint is not covered by Ofcom regulations please refer to your contract/service plan.

For more information about the services covered by Ofcom, please visit

Steps Undertaken by Connexin when Handling Your Complaint.

Step One

If you have a complaint regarding your Connexin product, package, service, installation, or our network build in your community, please contact us using one of the methods above. Our objective is to resolve enquiries or complaints within your first contact with us (where possible).

If you would prefer, you can appoint an authorised representative to interact with us on your behalf. Should you wish to do this, please let us know when you contact us. You may also refer to our Accessibility Policy for further assistance:

Step Two

When we have an outcome to your complaint, you shall receive confirmation of this in writing. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can request your complaint be escalated to the Head of Service Delivery.

Our Head of Service Delivery will acknowledge your complaint in writing and then conduct a further impartial investigation with the aim of reaching an agreed resolution within two weeks of the complaint being escalated to them.

Step Three

If you are still unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, you have the right to escalate your complaint to the Ombudsman using any of the below details.

Phone: 0330 440 1614

E-mail: [email protected]

Write to them at:-

Ombudsman Services: Communications

P.O. Box 730



Prior to escalating to the Ombudsman, the below conditions must have been met:

We have failed to resolve your complaint within 8 weeks of the complaint first being made and acknowledged.

We have been unable to reach a resolution for both parties resulting in a deadlock (of which confirmation in writing will be provided).

The Ombudsman service will not accept complaints that do not meet at least one of the above conditions.

The Ombudsman service is a free, independent service approved by Ofcom (the communications regulator), that individuals and small businesses can use to help settle disputes with companies that are members. Further information can be found here: or via email using [email protected]

Please Note: All complaints made to Connexin will follow the above Complaints Code. If the formal process is not followed, it may delay the resolution time as you will be guided back to the formal process.

Changes to this Policy

Connexin is committed to delivering excellent customer service, to ensure that we continue to do so this policy will be regularly reviewed, and any changes will be notified to you by posting an updated version on our website and/or by contacting you by email. Any changes will take effect 7 days after the date of our email or the date on which we post the modified terms on our website, whichever is earlier.