Vulnerability Policy

At Connexin, we continuously aim to strengthen our community by providing faster, more affordable broadband to residents and businesses. Our local communities are at the very heart of what we do. We develop strong relationships by providing a high level of service, care and respect for all our customers irrespective of their circumstances. We believe that everyone, whatever colours, shapes and sizes, or what type of vulnerability you may have, should have equal access to the amazing services that we have to offer.

In life we face many challenges, and sometimes we might face situations that may make us vulnerable. This might be because of age, physical or mental disability, or difficulty in communicating.

Therefore, we want to give our customers the best experience each time and every time you contact us, whether it’s over the phone, using our online chat system or a call-out to your home. When you contact us, please make sure to let our team know that you require additional support, we’ll make a note on your account so that we can best guide and support you.

Any information we store about you will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

You may appoint a third party to represent you, and we will comply with all relevant Data Protection laws to help you with this. We will need your permission to deal with that third party and to confirm what matters we may talk to them about.

Please also refer to the Accessibility Policy on our Website for further support.

To contact our Customer Care team, please use our details on the Contact Us page of our Website.