Protecting the High Street

Supporting councils and the high street as they manage increasing footfall and risk in cities and town centres

Supporting places of interest

With larger numbers of people returning to the high street our people counting solutions allow public decision makers and local businesses to identify densely populated areas, times of high footfall and increased risk to employees as well as crowd management.

By collecting the right data, organisations are better placed to make the right decisions to keep people safe.

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How we are supporting cities and communities

Our smart solutions supporting the return to the highstreet

People Counting & Crowd Management

Identifying hotspots and areas of increased risk using Smart CCTV and Radar systems.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Poor air quality has been proven to increase the spread of COVID. Proactive monitoring of air quality ensuring the environment is as safe as possible.

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Bringing data from across your community together (such as visitor hotpots) to drive insights and understanding to make better decisions and drive positive outcomes.

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