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Supporting you in your COVID response so you can stay safe and open for business

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No matter what your organisation has been through over the past months due to COVID-19, we are here to help you get back to your best – and prepare for what’s next. From making remote working more secure and productive, to making your workplace safer we’re supporting UK businesses by developing solutions to protect their people.

Read our response to COVID-19 and how we are operating to keep people safe.

How we are supporting businesses

Our smart solutions supporting remote working and a safer return to
our workplaces.

Remote Working

Helping your workforce work efficiently and securely from anywhere, protecting them against COVID.

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Supporting a Safer Return

Make a safe return to your workplace with our smart devices to help maintain social distancing and safe environments.

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Remote Monitoring

Understand and track symptoms and movement to reduce spread using proactive early warning systems and alerts

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Return to the High Street

Utilising people counting and crowd management solutions to identify hotspots to reduce the risks to the public and keeping COVID at bay.

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Need some advice or support to tackle COVID?

We are working with organisations across the UK in supporting them with their COVID response, let us know how we can help by chatting to the team using the button below.

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