Smart Road Maintenance for Cities & Communities

Less compensation payouts and happier citizens with predictive road condition monitoring

Proactive Approach to Road Maintenance

Poor road maintenance is a bug bear for local authorities across the UK. Transport for London (TfL) paid out £1,200 on average for each compensation claim for pothole related damage between 2017 and 2019 and the RAC claim drivers are 70% more likely to break down as a result of pothole related damage than they were back in 2006. These stats indicate a rising issue in identifying poor road conditions and resolving it quickly, causing unnecessary costs to mount up for local authorities.

Our road maintenance solutions are designed to proactively monitor road condition and provide predictive analysis to support councils in fixing problems before they become bigger headaches, saving both time and money.

Why consider Smart Road Maintenance solutions for your cities & communities?

Reduce Fines and Maintenance Costs

Proactive monitoring of road conditions to avoid high unexpected costs.

Keep Citizens Safe & Happy

Safer road conditions mean safer and happier citizens.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Pinpointing exact areas that require maintenance saving time and costs.

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How it works?

Predict Failures
Using data collected from sensors and CCTV to predict potential issues such as cracks or black ice.

Improve Stakeholder Satisfaction
Reduce reports, complaints and compensation claims through proactive maintenance.

Manage Resources
Better plan fixes and prioritise issues effectively.

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