Skills Bootcamps

Part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life

Skills Bootcamps

Connexin Academy are proud to be working with Hull City Council and the Department for Education (DfE) through the Government’s ‘Skills Bootcamp programme’. A Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life.

Our Courses

Advanced Fibre Engineering Training

Connexin plays a vital role within the Government’s ‘Gigibit’ Plan to provide every home in the UK with fibre. 2025 will see copper networks switched off, so the race is on to roll out fibre to millions of homes throughout the UK.

We have put significant investment behind a comprehensive Fibre Engineering Training Programme to boost skills within this sector. Anyone who wants to gain the skills and knowledge required to work within the telecommunications sector can apply to join*.

The course is varied and you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • The background and history of fibre
  • Building a backbone network, splicing, preparing and installing ADPs (aerial Distribution points)
  • Connecting fibre to the homes using a customer splice point (CSP), an optical network terminal (ONT) and a fibre router

* Enquire now to see if you are eligible.

IT User Course 

Whether you’re looking for a new job or hoping to take a step up where you work, adding a digital qualification to your CV is sure to help you reach your goal.

Our IT User course allows you to build on your existing digital knowledge and become an expert user of the software applications that are essential in every business today.

And thanks to the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, you can now gain this qualification for FREE through our Digital Skills Bootcamp courses.

If you are looking to become an expert in one digital literacy area, individual units can be selected to give you the confidence to move forward in your career. These include:

  • Excel – For accountancy and data analysis
  • PowerPoint – Gain the skills to present information with transitions, sound and flare
  • Web design – If you are looking to start a new venture.

These are just a few examples of modules available to take as part of this exciting course.

So if you’re looking for digital credentials or you want to open new doors in your career, please enquire now to complete your application.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a set of practices and tools that individuals, IT staff and governments use to keep information and devices safe from attackers. Ultimately, the goal of cyber security is to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of digital information.

This course is specifically designed to empower you with the essential knowledge and skills required for these cyber security practices, so you can confidently pursue employment in this exciting field of business.

There is a significant skills gap in this field, and Connexin has developed a comprehensive advanced training program to bridge this gap and provide the necessary support for those aspiring to enter the world of cyber security.

I am super excited that our service delivery team are planning to enrol on this programme. Before Connexin, I was trained as a doctor. When overseeing patients who had operations, I observed that nurses who had the opportunity to see operations had a much better understanding when caring for them. Any knowledge and skills gained through a formal learning programme, can only result in enhancing the performance of our teams and benefit customer experience. We are also giving staff the opportunity to retrain from other departments to support them moving over to our fibre engineering department.

Furqan Alamgir Founder & CEO at Connexin

I am very excited for the fibre training course that is currently being offered within the business. I believe that the course will benefit the Customer Care team alongside the Engineering department to work hand in hand as the company progresses with our fibre rollout. The training will provide knowledge and understanding so the team can help customers with any queries as well as assist with diagnostics to give the best customer experience possible.

Julie Cape-Melborne Customer Service Experience Manager at Connexin

It would be a great opportunity to be put forward to complete this training, to not only broaden my horizon on wanting to become a Network Engineer, but also provide me with the insight on what is expected on a customer fix to explain this better to a customer on what is required to resolve the fault.

Rebekkah Railton Customer Service at Connexin

Skills Bootcamps are fully funded for learners (by the Department of Education and the Government).

If you are interested in Connexin’s Advanced Fibre Engineering Training Programme, IT User Course or Cyber Security Course and want to find out more, just fill in the details below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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