Connexin win in Water Industry Awards after groundbreaking Smart Water Network pilot with Yorkshire Water

Connexin, alongside Yorkshire Water, were one of the winners in the 2021 Water Industry Awards on Thursday evening which celebrates the excellent work of UK water companies and their supply chains across 21 categories.

Having been nominated for Most Innovative Use of an Existing Technology, both Connexin and Yorkshire Water have been acknowledged for their innovative application of Smart Water Networks to identify leakages using LoRaWAN® connectivity.

The award win comes after Connexin’s first large-scale foray into the utilities sector as part of the pilot, demonstrating the application of LoRaWAN® technology in deploying Smart Water Networks with the judges praising the results achieved and potential for adoption across the UK.

The pilot, which was the largest of its kind ever in the UK, involved 18 partners and aimed to combine data from acoustic, flow, pressure, and water quality monitors to reduce leakage and burst levels in the pilot area in Hadfield, West Sheffield.

Connexin supported the project by providing a carrier-grade LoRaWAN® network to allow devices across the network to communicate with one another and support AMI monitoring across the pilot area.

Results from the project have been incredibly promising, helping identify that 32% of all leakage in one area could be traced back to just 1% of properties, preventing 90,000 litres of water from being lost each day. By optimising communication profiles, Connexin and Yorkshire Water were also able to achieve an optimal level of data granularity to not only identify opportunities to improve leakage performance but deliver an anticipated battery life of over 15 years.

Having achieved these groundbreaking results through close collaboration the project has demonstrated AMI as an investable business case for water utilities.

Rob Bullock, Chief Sales Officer at Connexin said:

“Innovation can only be delivered when you have a true collaboration between parties working together to create a solution to solve a shared problem. The economic challenge of delivering smart metering is considerable, especially for water utilities that are not classed as being water-stressed.

“The engagement with Yorkshire Water has been the perfect example of a true partnership and represents a seminal point in the smart metering industry in the UK, entering LoRaWAN® as a potentially attractive metering option for the water industry, both in the presence and absence of water resource challenges.

Together we have built a solution that delivers timely data, in a cost-effective manner and that minimizes the battery drain. The project demonstrates that this approach to AMI deployments could be scaled to both support a smart water network and provide the infrastructure needed for other LoRaWAN® IoT sensors deployed for other use cases.”

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