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Made In Hull: City plays proud host to first Connexin Live smart cities event

The first ever Connexin LiveBuilding Smarter Cities event took place in style at the Bonus Arena in Hull on 4th October.

The event brought together hundreds of experts from leading businesses, local government, universities and development organisations from around the UK to examine how smart technologies are boosting local economies and enhancing lives.

Furqan Alamgir, Connexin CEO & Founder, said:

“What a night!  It’s been a huge pleasure to host our first ever Connexin Live event here in the heart of Hull. I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who came to Hull from across Britain and around the world – Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley – to be part of our first ever Connexin Live event.  

“Our vision is for Connexin Live to be the biggest and best smart technology event in the North of England, so there’s no rest for me and the team – the countdown’s already begun for 2019.”

Keynote speakers included Arvind Satyam, Managing Director, Global Public Sector at Cisco who examined what a smart city ecosystem is and what we need to do to make it thrive.

Andy Burton from Hull City Council explored the ‘art of what’s possible’ with the UK’s largest commercial carrier-grade citywide LoRaWAN network deployed in Hull.

Tom Warburton and Jenny Nelson from Newcastle City Council discussed Newcastle’s ambition to be a key player on the smart city scene, showcasing the UK’s smartest street that debuted at the Great Exhibition of the North.

Panel discussions on stage covered a wide range of topics, examining the importance of ‘Smarter City Operations’, ‘Smart in Health’, and ‘Smart in Education’.


HOLD THE DATE:  Connexin Live 2019 will be on 3rd October 2019.

Bonus Arena Hull, Connexin Live 2018






Furqan Alamgir, CEO  Founder, Connexin










Jenny Nelson, Head of Digital, Newcastle City Council at Connexin Live 2018







Will Kebbell, Chief Technical Officer, Connexin






Panel discussion and Q&A at Connexin Live 2018