Connexin and Icosa Water agree long term partnership to roll out Smart Water Networks nationwide

Following a successful smart metering trial, IoT specialist Connexin have now announced a new partnership with leading independent water provider, Icosa Water, to support the development of smart water metering across their UK sites. 

Connexin will deploy their carrier-grade LoRaWAN IoT networks and connect to meters that are located underground. 

These deployments will see data collected remotely, negating the need for in-person meter reads leading to more accurate measurement of water consumption and aid in identifying leaks earlier. 

Connexin were originally engaged to support the development of a smart metering solution that could be scaled to support immediate and future deployments and projects at Icosa’s residential site at Bexhill in East Sussex. 

Since being licensed by the Secretary of State in 2016, Icosa has grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent water and wastewater connections providers for new build residential, high rise and commercial projects and has an order book in excess of 80,000 connections. With Icosa Water competing with traditional water and wastewater service providers, the importance of service levels and differentiation in an increasingly competitive market is paramount to their success, 

Originally trialling Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), involving drive-by or walk-by meter readings, Icosa Water were looking for solutions that would support their low carbon ambitions by allowing readings to be taken without excessive travel being needed. 

Having heard of the potential or LoRaWAN connectivity, Icosa engaged with Connexin to conduct an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) trial which would allow them to capture meter-readings automatically via a LoRa network, reducing site travel to only necessary trips. 

With the trial achieving 100% meter success rate, Icosa Water were confident that the solution that Connexin had delivered was right for them, with thoughts turning to how this technology could be rolled out across their networks to improve operational efficiency. 

Now with plans to roll out the technology across the full water network at Bexhill and beyond, the new partnership allows Icosa Water to scale their LoRaWAN deployment across their water networks to manage key operational challenges such as leakage and wastewater as well as smart metering. 


On announcement of the partnership, Rob Bullock, Chief Sales Officer at Connexin said: 

Icosa Water are showing the world how innovative they are and by being able to remotely collect data on an hourly basisthey can directly target their efforts to reduce consumption and better identify leakage within the network. The benefits of havinthe rich data set that this project will provide are obvious for all and we are delighted to be partnering on long term relationship. 


Keith Edwards, Operation and Quality Manager at Icosa Water said: 

“Our vision here at Icosa Water is that we take a low carbon, efficient approach to everything we do so we can best protect our supply, provide exceptional service to our customers and differentiate ourselves from incumbent water companies.

We needed a reliable technology that would enable us to do that and do it well, and having now trialled an AMI solution using LoRaWAN we’re excited by the potential of the data we can remotely collect and utilise to make better, more proactive decisions going forward.

The challenge we articulated to Connexin was how we could make LoRaWAN affordable and they have listened to our needs and created a wholesale pricing model. Their model allows us to grow our business but to take advantage of large-scale pricing from the start.

The new partnership allows us to take the learnings and concepts from the Smart Metering trial to allow us to create sustainable Smart Water Networks across our sites.

We can now further reduce our carbon footprint and start recording regular water balances to monitor leakages across the network and demonstrate our commitment to being an environmentally conscious supplier.”


With Icosa Water now set to start rolling out this technology across their various networks, Keith Edwards also explained how this technology supports the wider goals of Icosa Water as well as their increasingly environmentally conscious customers: 

“It takes quite a lot of carbon to produce water and transport it to our network. This means that we must be good custodians of this water while it’s transported to our customers.

This technology not only allows us to do that but also enables us to educate and support customers to take responsibility and be good custodians of the water when it’s in their systems as well.”