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Connexin Team Mentor Young Entrepreneurs

Connexin teamed up with Hull Collegiate School to sponsor the £10 Challenge for the third year, to help young people in the local area develop entrepreneurial skills for the future.

Each form from year 7 to 13 was given £10 and the challenge was to see how much money they could raise for school’s education charity The Hull Collegiate Trust over four weeks.

The winning form was announced by Will Kebbell, Chief Technical Officer at Connexin. 7Wells were crowned champions for their idea of doing competitive sports activities with the prep school.

Pupils from each from had to decide on an idea and submit a business plan along with all marketing material to qualify for one of the prizes:

• Best Strategy
• Best Idea
• Best Marketing Plan
• Overall Winner – the form who had a great strategy, marketing and reasonable profit.

The £10 Challenge is highly interactive and has been designed to allow pupils to develop key skills for the future while attempting to make as much profit as possible from £10.

The money raised for the Hull Collegiate School Trust will be used to provide financial support to help both prospective and current students whose family circumstances mean that they cannot afford the cost of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as educational visits, bus travel, music tuition and school uniform.

In total this year, £850 was raised. Connexin also donated a further £850 in memory of Peter Beckett, Mrs Merten’s father who sadly passed away recently.

The Founders of Connexin Furqan Alamgir and Alex Yeung are both ex-pupils of Hull Grammar School (now Hull Collegiate). They now lead the company with two further ex pupils, Max Wilson, Customer Experience & Marketing Executive and Will Kebbell, Chief Technical Officer at Connexin.

During the challenge, Connexin CEO Furqan Alamgir attended to present an assembly to students in which he talked about his background, the work Connexin is doing and gave students some useful tips on how to create a successful business plan.

Connexin CEO, Furqan Alamgir visits Hull Collegiate to present an assembly

The winning teams were selected by Will Kebbell and Toni Layden, Customer Care Manager, Connexin.

Toni explained: I was particularly fond of their idea. It stood out from the rest because it was different.

To reward the students for their efforts, Connexin funded a reward trip to a local play centre, Big Fun.

Max reflected, Courtney and I were very impressed with the exceptional energy and enthusiasm of the winning team.

You can see more photos of the £10 Challenge and the reward trip on Hull Collegiate School’s website.