Connexin mentor young technologists

At this time of year, many students are turning their minds to what happens next. Often, this can be a difficult decision. By providing students with practical experience in a workplace environment, they can better understand how their skills and talents can be utilized and find their true passion.

Hull Collegiate School students participated in a week of hands-on work experience – Joshua and Elijah chose to work at Connexin to better understand the workplace and Connexin’s digital technologies. Throughout the week both students spent time with departments across the business and were given real tasks which would otherwise have been done by employees of Connexin.

The students spent their first day with the companies’ Customer Care team where contact centre specialist Toni Layden gave them an overview of Connexin and the way it supports its customers.

The second day was spent with the companies’ project delivery team. The students were given an introduction to Connexin’s smart city networking technologies and then challenged to configure an Air Quality monitoring sensor which was to be sent live.

Following this, the students spent time with Connexin’s Marketing team. An overview of product marketing was given, as well as some real data on customer opinion. The students then utilized this knowledge to complete a Market insight report.

During Thursday and Friday, the students worked with Connexin’s software team on a number of projects. They were given an overview of Connexin’s Managed WiFi portal, 3D design and production and then how voice recognition can be used in a telephony system.

The students successfully created a new IVR which could be used on a real phone system.

Annabelle Robinson, People Operations Lead at Connexin explains the rationale behind the placements, “We’re really keen to help build the next generation of talent. When students visit Connexin, we endeavour to give them a real experience of the workplace environment and subject them to a broad range of personalities and tasks.

We hope that by doing this they will best see how their skills can be utilized and then when back at school enable then to make better choices on which options or paths to take.”

Elijah, one of the students reflected on his time at the company saying“It’s interesting to experience and work in an office space – especially a modern one like Connexin’s.”

The team at Connexin have thoroughly enjoyed working with Josh and Elijah, the students demonstrated a strong work ethic and demonstrated their impressive knowledge throughout the week.