Connexin shortlisted for green award for fourth year in a row

Connexin has been nominated for a national green award for its environmentally-friendly approach to business.

This is the fourth year running that the company has been shortlisted in the Green IT Awards.

The awards recognise companies that have made a significant contribution to improving the IT industry’s environmental performance over the past 12 months.

Connexin has been nominated in team of the year for its Voice Over Internet Phone system (VOIP) and its SuperFAST, wireless broadband network in Hull.

Managing Director Furqan Alamgir said: “We are very conscious of maintaining an energy efficient and green perspective to the business.

“Every new technology we deploy is designed to be green as well as save costs and offer a great user experience.

“Everyone is becoming more aware of the benefits of a green approach to IT and we are proud to say we are leading the field in this important area. It’s great recognition for the team who are doing a fantastic job.

“This profile also gives us a stronger platform to bring green technology to Hull for the benefit of the city and everyone who lives here.”

Connexin offers internet phone services to thousands of customers across the UK and delivers superfast, wireless broadband to hundreds of homes in Hull.

Mr Alamgir explained that internet phones only use power when a call is being made whereas the copper lines used in conventional phone systems are always live. In addition, internet phone calls save power by transmitting less data than normal phones but still deliver crystal-clear sound.

Simon Davison, Chief Technology Officer, added: “By opting for a wireless broadband network we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint because we don’t need to dig up hundreds of roads and lay new tarmac.

“Our technology also enables customers to work from home rather than the office every day.

“We connect businesses through high-speed broadband so people can work digitally and use less paper. Our SuperFAST speeds also enable customers to take advantage of video conferencing so they don’t have to travel to meetings across the country.”

As well as the team of the year, the company has been shortlisted in the Editor’s Choice category of the Green IT Awards.

Connexin won the E-Commerce Innovation of the year Award at the Green IT Awards 2011 and 2012. In 2010, it was voted as a Company to Watch.

The winners of this year’s awards will be announced on May 9th at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London.