Over One Billion VoIP Users by 2017

According to a new report form Juniper Research, over one billion people will be using VoIP services in the next five years. Current statistics show the number of people using VoIP services for free voice calls and send messages via their Internet connection stands at 160 Million users. This is expected to increase six-fold by 2017.


A service that was once riddled with issues such as poor quality, dropped calls and a generally poor user experience has seen vast improvements in network technology. The growth of 4G services, increased competition and telecoms companies now providing their own mobile VoIP services, has made VoIP faster and more reliable.


The needs and requirements of individuals and businesses provide a proficient understanding of the development of the service. Certifying growth and a strong interest in the market.


Due to relatively inexpensive cost, all businesses from small start-ups to large corporations are making the move to VoIP. Connexin understands the needs and requirements of the market and offers a variety of packages catering for all uses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting out or a large existing company looking to update your system.


Starting out can be tough and keeping costs down without compromising the quality of service is vital to ones success. We appreciate this and therefore offer a free Startup package for those who are looking to take their first step into the business world. Larger corporations can also benefit greatly from switching VoIP. Starting from just £6 per month, larger businesses can enjoy call features such as Auto-Attendant, Advanced Call Forwarding, Fax to Email and many more.


With this in mind it’s no wonder that individuals and businesses are rapidly making the change.


Key Findings:


The report notes, that leading mobile VoIP players are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their service offerings and are developing more ways to monetise their services.