Connexin provides 100 lines for Goodwin Development Trust

Connexin are proud to announce that they have successfully migrated 100 lines from KC for the Goodwin Development Trust across the numerous facilities they have across the city.


Connexin was successful in implementing a Cloud Phone System having migrated the lines from KC. Connexin’s Cloud Phone System gives customers’ a feature rich business telephone system over the Internet without the need for expensive hardware and complicated installations. No matter what business you are in, or the size of your organisation, the features of a Connexin system will meet your needs and as a result, more and more businesses and charities are signing up to Connexin as an alternative to traditional phone service provider, such as KC or BT.


The features that Connexin offers include:


  1. Per-second billing policy for VoIP users which reduces the cost of calls considerably, by only charging for the exact amount used
  2. Advanced call-forwarding
  3. Custom music on hold
  4. Voicemail to email
  5. Called ID withhold
  6. Do not disturb
  7. Instant online call history
  8. Web based control panel

How does this benefit the Goodwin Development Trust?


  1. The Goodwin staff are able to work from home or on the move providing they have access to an internet connection
  2. By working from home, it promotes a greener solution among employees as they no longer have a need to travel to work and ultimately creates less pollution
  3. It reduces operational costs hugely by using an efficient Hosted Phone System. As it is hosted, this allows the IT manager to configure the phone system as and when needed to give greater flexibility and control

The Goodwin Development Trust had preexisting fibre connections linking several facilities together. The remaining sites were then connected together wirelessly back to Connexin’s network. There is a virtual connection from each site to the central hub, which will then issue the VLAN to the separate networks.


Managing director, Furqan Alamgir, said: “We’re very proud to be working with the likes of the Goodwin and enjoyed this complicated technical project.”


“Many companies in Hull are not aware of the fact that telecoms has evolved and our newer systems will allow them to better manage their operations, save money and improve productivity, non-reliant on KC.”


“We have successfully migrated businesses away from traditional suppliers such as KC and BT. We hope that this is the start of a long-term and successful partnership.”


The Goodwin Development Trust was established in 1994, beginning as 14 people in the heart of Hull, to tackle the social issues that the community faced. Over the next two decades, they have grown from a small band to a Social Enterprise now comprised of 200 local people and 140 volunteers.


Their facilities include, children’s centres, nurseries, conference centre, community college, disability care facilities, sports pitches, youth and arts centre, performance space, meeting rooms and they also have future plans to redevelop abandoned housing.


For further information about the incredible work that the Goodwin Development Trust does within the community, please have a look at their website or their Facebook page: