Network of Networks

Connecting IoT devices across technologies, across industries, across cities and communities, across the globe.

Connecting to our Powerful
IoT Network of Networks

The Connexin IoT network of networks is a purpose-built, intelligent ubiquitous network designed to capture data from different type of IoT devices. Our carrier-grade network provides low-cost, secure and scalable connectivity for cities and communities.


We are network agnostic. We design, build and operate carrier-grade, end to end network that delivers tremendous flexibility and security to allow you to quickly connect anything from anywhere.

Data Aggregation

Our CityOS platform captures data from any device, source via our network of networks, allowing for seamless integration ad normalisation.

Device Management

Centralising device control and management, allowing for easy onboarding onto our IoT network.

Active Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of our network of networks ensuring high uptime and service level.

Connexin IoT Network –
Breaking the Connectivity Silos

We work with the following network technologies.


Worldwide IoT protocol offering an efficient, flexible and economical solution to real-world problems


An efficient, cost effective technology for a wide range of IoT solutions and applications


High bandwidth and low latency enable data intensive IoT solutions and applications

Brands that rely on our IoT networks

Solutions that Rely on our IoT Networks

From streetlights to vehicle tracking, waste management and asset monitoring. As a Smart IoT connectivity provider, we provide end to end IoT solutions driven by your desired outcomes. Our IoT network provides true freedom to connect different sensors allowing for rapid deployment and cost effective solution which is designed to scale.

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