Fibre Price Book

Repairs, Replacement and Additional Items

It is never great when something goes wrong. At Connexin, we want to be as transparent and open as possible, so we have created a price book that clearly outlines our prices available to all our customers around issues and fixes.

As our fibre customer, you are responsible to look after part of the network, from the edge of your property, across your private land and into your premises – up to and including the router we provide.

The ONT and router will always remain the properties of Connexin, as shown within the Connexin Residential Fibre Terms and Conditions, which can be found on our Website. If any of our equipment is found to be faulty, we will fix or replace the faulty equipment for you free of charge.

For other damages caused by misuse, tampering and accidental damage to the cables, the ONT, the router and any other components installed at your home, there is a cost for the repair and replacement as shown on the table below.

Please contact our Customer Care Team, using the details on the Contact Us page on our Website, to discuss your repair so we can advise you on any possible charges involved. If faults reported by you and then investigated on-site by our network technician are found to be not with Connexin equipment but with your own setup or equipment, then a call-out charge will be invoiced to you.

You, as our customer (or an authorised signatory over 18 years old) must be present at the time of the repair appointment, otherwise the network technician may have to come back and this would incur an additional call-out charge.


Prices include VAT

Hardware Replacement

Optical network terminal (ONT)


Calix U4 WiFi 6 Router


Calix U6 WiFi 6 Router


Charges for Parts (as used to complete work)

Lead in kit - including Internal and External lead-in covers


Internal SC/APC patch cord up to 15m (from termination box to ONT)


Internal SC/APC patch cord over 15m (from termination box to ONT)


Internal wall box


External drop cable 30m


External drop cable 50m


External drop cable 75m


External drop cable 100m


External drop cable 150m


External drop cable 200m


Additional Services

Internal cable run over 15m (from termination box to ONT)


Internal extension leads 4 gang 2m


Internal Cat6 patch lead 0.5m


Internal Cat6 patch lead 1m


Internal Cat6 patch lead 2m


Call-out Charges

Call-out charge (during business hours)


Call-out charge (outside of business hours)


Labour Charge (additional time needed to complete work)

Hourly rate (during business hours)


Hourly rate (outside of business hours)


Router relocation post installation


Other Charges

Administration charges (including service re-connection charges)


Missed appointment fee