LoRaWAN as a Service

Fully managed, carrier-grade IoT networks designed for solution providers, telecoms operators and end users

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As an IoT solution provider/telecom operator, sensor manufacturer or even an end-user, you may have tested and deployed on public IoT networks before. However, the need for secure, widespread, carrier-grade coverage is key in helping you scale commercially and provide more for your customers or deploying larger-scale solutions.

Connexin provides carrier-grade LoRaWAN® networks and network deployment with end-to-end managed services to provide you dedicated connectively quickly and efficiently, helping you achieve your desired outcomes faster. With existing coverage in the UK and a 35-day gateway deployment lead-time, you can take advantage of our flexible sensor credit model to get your devices connected today with less risk and downtime. 

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Why customers choose Connexin


We’ve deployed numerous city-wide LoRaWAN® networks since 2018 and the UK’s first Smart City Street so know what it takes to roll out carrier-grade connectivity. 

End-to-end Service  

With our managed services you don’t have to stress. From network planning to deployment & onboarding you can focus on providing outcomes for your customers. 


Wherever you need coverage and however many devices you need connecting, our per sensor pricing model gives you the ultimate flexibility to scale as and when you need to. 

Our Model

Pricing is based on sensor credits. Each credit equals 1 sensor or device connected to our network for a year. You can use your credits in any way you want.

For example, if you purchased 10 sensor credits, they can be used to connect 10 devices for 1 year, 1 device for 10 years, or even 2 devices for 5 years. 

How you can use 100 Credits

Prioritise Longevity 

Use your credits for fewer devices but for longer connection terms.

100 Credits

5 Devices for 20 Years

Prioritise Sensors/Devices

Use your credits for more devices but for shorter connection terms.

100 Credits

100 Devices for 1 Year

Mix and Match 

Use your credits as you like for different applications.

100 Credits

5 Devices for 10 Years (50 Credits)

30 Devices for 1 Year (30 Credits)

10 Devices for 2 Years (20 Credits)

Why choose a Network as a Service Model?

With LoRaWAN® as a Service we create value for customers in several ways

Reduced Risk 

By choosing a Network as a Service approach we reduce your risk by deploying, managing and maintaining the network on your behalf. 

Speed of Deployment  

With our experience in deploying networks, we get your devices connected quickly & efficiently, whether that’s within hours on our existing network or 35 days for new deployments. 

Quality of Service  

By using our carrier-grade networks you don’t have to worry about downtime or high packet error rates when connecting devices. 

Interested in LoRaWAN® as a Service?

Why LoRaWAN®?

The success of IoT solutions rely on network infrastructure that can deliver information securely, reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively. LoRaWAN Technology has been gaining global adoption at a tremendous pace with industry analyst IHS Market projecting that 43% of all LPWAN connections will be based on LoRa by 2023.

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