Smart People & Traffic Counting for Cities & Communities

Better understand movement across your city, community or place 

Identify Areas of High Footfall or Traffic to Better Support Citizens 

How many people are visiting certain areas of your community? Where are the areas of congestion and poor traffic flow? Understanding how citizens move across your city or place can provide valuable insight into the efficiencies of your city infrastructure and identifying areas of risk or improvement. We work with local authorities to capture the data that’s important to them to support things such as the return to the high street post-COVID, reducing congestion and identifying areas of overcrowding to encourage positive policy making for both local authorities and citizens.

Why consider Smart People & Traffic Counting Solutions for your cities & communities?

Powerful Insights

Deepen your understanding of how people and things move through your city, community or place.

Citizen Safety

Keeping your citizens safe and protected.

Policy Making

Collect valuable data to support decisive and accurate policy making.

Interested in our Smart People and Traffic Counting solutions?

How it works?

Improved City and Transportation Planning
Understand how citizens are moving across the city to make impactful changes to city infrastructure.

Keeping People Safe
Manage a safer return to the hughstreet by proactively identifying potential areas of risk.

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