Air Quality Management for Cities & Communities

Helping you manage key environmental triggers to improve quality of life

Understanding Air Pollution Within Your Community

Understanding urban air pollution and the impact it has on citizens health is fundamental to community government and planning. Current sophisticated, expensive air pollution monitoring technology is not economically sustainable as the sole approach and cannot keep up with current needs. This is where Connexin comes in.

Why monitor Air Quality within your cities & communities?

Improve Policy Decisions

Proactive monitoring of air quality data to improve decision making.

Carbon Neutrality Agenda

Improve carbon neutrality by proactively tacking air quality problems.

Reduce Risks to Citizens

Data driven actions taken to reduce risks to citizens within cities and communities.

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Did you know

Air pollution is killing more people than smoking.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is a complex mix of gases and particulate matter that negatively affect communities living in and around urban areas. These gases and matters are very dangerous and can lead to death.

Benefits of Smart Quality Management

Active Monitoring

Provides real-time values of various environmental parameters such as: NO, NO2, CO, CO2, O3, SO2, PM2P5, Lux and noise.

Active Monitoring

Helping city operators proactively manage air quality problems within a single dashboard (CityOS).


Listen to what your city is saying to you. Take early action with forecasting tools for simulations and real-time predictions.

Citizen Engagement

Enable citizens to access the information for optimal timings on travel and outdoor activities.

How it works?

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