If cities could speak, what would they say?

How we can help?

UK’s smartest street in
Newcastle upon Tyne

In Summer 2018, Connexin delivered in partnership with Newcastle City Council and Cisco the smartest street in the UK. The tightly scoped initiative involved the build of a wireless network and installation of sensors into the street’s furniture and road surfaces. The project helped the council to learn how technology could best be utilised to improve service delivery and resident experience.

network operator

We deliver nationwide IoT networks and end-to-end solutions that enable businesses and government to make faster, smarter decisions.

National Network

We design, operate and manage our own national LoRaWAN network. Also part of an ecosystem of carriers, providing you with streamlined interoperability and ease of adoption.

IoT Platform

If you can measure it, we can manage it. Our powerful, intuitive IoT platform, Connexin CityOS, helps aggregate different data sets into a single pane of glass.

Enterprise Solutions

From smart parking to smart lighting, and smart metering to monitoring leaks, we have the right solutions for your every day needs.

End to End Operator

We offer fully integrated solutions from devices to network connectivity, platform, insights and AI automation.

Partnering with us

The art of the possible

We help you understand and reshape the way that your existing network infrastructure is used so that you can start making your existing assets go further and improve productivity and efficiency.

Bring it all together

Rather than investing in silo solutions, we work with you in bringing departments together and working in sync as a single unit. Start saving money from day to day, resource intensive logistical challenges through efficient and effective monitoring and use of assets and people.

Not technology but insights

Sharing of data and information across departments and people to harness powerful insights. This helps you to become more compliant, productive and deliver more against your contracts and SLA’s to win more business.

Connexin’s Smart Blueprint

Our 5 stage, tried and tested methodology in creating safer, more sustainable and habitable communities.

Our solutions


Lower energy consumption, cut costs, and simplify maintenance.


Proactive environmental monitoring to tackle health issues through air, noise and water pollution.


Generate revenue with demand-based parking while reducing the search time for citizens.


Manage, collect, and track waste bins to avoid overflow and health hazards.


Leak detection to prevent wastage and damage.

Safety and Security

Accurately detect incidents and protect against crime through digital monitoring.

Urban Mobility

View live street conditions to gain insight on how to improve traffic management.

Flood Prevention

Proactive monitoring to provide early warning for floods.

The challenges of constant growth

As populations across the world rapidly scale, so do the communities they live in! Studies show that by 2050 around 68% of the world’s total population will be living in urban areas. Rapid urbanisation puts tremendous pressure on public services and resources. It is therefore critical that municipalities across the globe take a strategic approach in delivering services to residents. With our IoT solutions and network of specialist partners, Connexin can help you advance connectivity, productivity, healthcare & security in your community.