Enabling the Smart Cities and Communities of Tomorrow

Enterprise IoT Solutions from Connexin

Connect. Integrate. Automate. Optimise.

Connexin enables enterprise and government to deploy end-to-end smart IoT solutions connecting any devices over any network and platforms.

Connecting Devices

Flexible and powerful network of networks to allow you to connect any IoT devices.

Integrating Data

Bringing all different data sets into a single platform, CityOS, giving you total control and true insights.

Automate Processes

Combining data, powerful machine learning and AI engine to automate day to day manual processes.

Optimising Operations

With improved insights and automation, daily operations is improved, allowing greater cost saving and creating new revenue stream.

The Power of Data

When combining different datasets produce powerful insights. Check out Connexin Live 2019 and learn about how we are helping councils and businesses to drive changes and improve the wellbeing of citizens.

Our Solutions by Industry

Key IoT solutions designed and built to maximise efficiency, improve safety and transform the way we live, work and play.

Cities & Communities

We help to create smarter cities and communities that are safer, more efficient and cost-effective, in turn improving quality of life for citizens.

Smart Utilities

Enabling smart metering over our IoT networks allow for greater monitoring, improve operational efficiencies and reduce ongoing costs.

Smart Buildings

Smart management and automation allows landlords to better monitor and manage their buildings, in turn reducing operational and running costs.


Connexin Smart Health offers an effective way to manage patients’ health and wellbeing.


Creating smarter and more efficient ways to transport, track and monitor assets while optimising fleet operations.


Creating a safer and cleaner environment with the power of IoT to improve the wellbeing of citizens.

Our Technology

Connecting to Our Powerful IoT Networks

We design, build and operate our own IoT networks consisting of different technology sets, such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, FWA and 5G.

Bringing Data Together


A simple but powerful data platform, ConnexinOS, brings different datasets together allowing you to manage your assets in a single pane of glass.

Brands that rely on our CityOS platform

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