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My name is Sam and I’m one of the IoT Business Development Managers here at Connexin.

Whether you’re new to IoT or a seasoned veteran, there is always scope to learn more about just how successfully connected devices are transforming organisations, for customers and citizens.

The biggest issue (that so many people tell me!) is keeping track of just how fast the technology space is moving and the validity of various hype cycles. It’s fair to say that IoT is having an impact on our lives on near daily basis – from smart metering to smart watches, as a society we’re becoming more and more connected, and it isn’t clear what has validity and what is not worth your time, budget, or effort.

That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to understand how, where, and why IoT solutions can make organisations better. Gone are the days of basic vertical focus, connectivity-led engagement – successful IoT adoption is now focused, almost intrinsically, on business outcomes that leverage tools like automation and analytics, to ensure clear value in the short, medium, and long term.

Keep up with the curve, understand future trends and qualify what will make the difference to your organisation

Over the last four years, I have provided a newsletter for those that were interested in IoT and associated technologies – it’s a curated snapshot covering the latest IoT news and trends, events for your calendar and projects that may be relevant to your own organisation. My aim is to provide valuable information that helps you make better decisions with digital transformation and IoT adoption.

Reading time is around 5 minutes and I send one newsletter a month – there’s no spam, no time wasted. You can register for my new and improved newsletter here.

Of course, I’m biased, but don’t miss out – it’s free, informative, and insightful.


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