Connexin secures Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award with Hull University to develop Smart Healthcare Tech

20th March 2023 – Hull-based IoT and Smart Infrastructure specialists Connexin have successfully been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant from Innovate UK. The application was jointly made with Hull University with the aim to develop a new product for use in the Health and Adult Social Care Industry.

Harnessing the power of IoT (Internet of Things), the Smart Health product is focused on reducing administrative duties for healthcare workers, improving quality of care and ensuring compliance standards are maintained.

The objective is to develop a Smart Health device that will convert voice command to text, allowing the ability for healthcare workers to update care plans via speech. Additionally, the device will facilitate the storage of essential information by caregivers, ensuring adherence to care plans, and triggering automatic alerts in the event of non-compliance. This innovation will significantly reduce the administrative burden of updating care plans, saving caregivers numerous hours.


Lisa Greaves, Connexin Health Lead, explained:

“We’re excited that the Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant has been awarded by Innovate UK, this is a big development for Connexin in health and it is an extension of our mission to ‘connect the real world to the digital world to improve lives’.

The Health and Social Care industry is in need of futureproof technology to increase productivity and efficiency, whilst also ensuring quality of care and compliance is maintained. I’m excited for our journey with Hull University, this is just the start of our ambitions and we want to see more Smart Technology integrate with the Healthcare industry so we can build upon the vital services we already have.”