Wearables & Sensors

Collect and monitor the right data and activity to achieve the right outcomes across the care continuum

The Art of the Possible

We understand that there are lots of applications for wearable technology and sensors throughout healthcare and that different care providers and individuals may want to track or monitor different things.

With our experience in the Internet of Things and deploying devices, we support health providers in making the art of the possible reality by using wearables and sensors to gather insight to solve problems within the health sector.

Why deploy Wearables and Sensors?

Collect the Right Data

Monitor the data that’s relevant to you – we provide a wide variety of devices and sensors so you can measure the right things for your use case whether that’s specific vital signs,  activity around the home for those living independently or environmental factors within a hospital environment.

Improve Care Outcomes

With our range of wearables and sensors, you can create solutions that improve patient outcomes. Measure vital signs to diagnose quicker, help maintain independence with remote monitoring and measure environmental factors to maintain optimal environments to support care provision.

Support Independent Living

With bed space at a premium and high volumes of vulnerable adults across the care continuum, the need for solutions to support independent living is more important than ever. Wearables and sensors provide the opportunity to better manage individuals remotely not just from a monitoring perspective but also in terms of early, proactive intervention.

Interested in our Wearable and Sensor solutions?

How it works?

We work with you to build bespoke end-to-end solutions that fit your specific use cases.

Working with wearable and sensor providers, we help you by building secure, end-to-end solutions across connectivity, devices, data and visualisation to deliver the outcomes that you and your patients require.

Below are some examples of the different types of wearable and sensor data we can help you collect and use to support patients.

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