The patient-facing perioperative and consent system

Create simple, digital pathways for your patients

Cancellation on the day of surgery is a major issue in the UK for the NHS and other healthcare systems. A recent prospective epidemiological study over a 1-week period in NHS hospitals suggested a cancellation rate of between 10% and 14% and one-third of these were because of clinical reasons. Many of these cancellations could have been avoided with better pre-operative processes.

Connexin can provide a bespoke holistic digital pathway to support patients from the first stages of ‘decision to treat’ through to ‘post-operative management’.  The system includes obtaining on-line digital consent.

Why use a Perioperative and Consent System?

Save £250,000 as an NHS Trust in lost revenue each month
Save 60 minutes per patient in in-person pre-op assessments

Reduce the amount of face-to-face appointments required

By simplifying the way that patients can complete simple questionnaires and assessments, capacity can be freed to undertake clinics that require in-person, pre-operative tests.

Reduce the likelihood of on the day cancellations

Optimise patient readiness for surgery by simplifying pre-assessment and keeping patients updated with all the information they need on their procedure, including push notifications and alerts to update the patient on any upcoming tasks or in-person appointments.

Integrate into existing clinical systems

Keep all your pre-op data centralised to make it simple and easy for staff to monitor patient assessments and be alerted to any issues or risks that might arise.

Introducing MyPre-Op

Give control back to your patients with a patient facing portal and app that allows them to access all the information associated with their procedure, pre and post-op advice, and patient questionnaires – all integrated with existing clinical systems.

Security & Verification

Ensure the security of your patient’s data with two-factor authentication and an easy to use login and verification system.

Patient Questionnaires

Make the process of collecting patient information simple and straightforward with patient questionnaires. Capture medical history, confirm any potential risks, and prompt further questioning based on previous answers to gather further context if needed.

Patient Consent

Obtain consent from the patient through their own portal. Walk them through the details of their procedure and record their understanding and acceptance of risk at each step as well as their final signed consent for the procedure.

Advice & Guidance

Give your patients access to all the resources, advice, and guidance around their procedures to allow them to find out important information both pre and post-op whenever they need it.

How it Works

MyPre-Op is built around your systems and processes to allow you to control every aspect of your pre-op and post-op process.

We work alongside you to ensure you collect all the information you need, end-to-end. This means ensuring you obtain all the consent required for certain procedures as well as being able to identify areas of risk both pre and post-op to make sure the patient experience is the best it can be while reducing the likelihood of cancelled appointments, delayed discharge, and post-operative complications.

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