Heart Failure Monitoring

Supporting the management of heart failure patients remotely

Intelligent Patient Monitoring

Unnecesssary follow-ups and preventable hospiltalisations can cause disruption and great expense to NHS trusts with huge benefits in terms of improving quality of care and also reducing costs coming from remote monitroing.

Connexin Health supports NHS trusts with remote monitoring solutions that allow them to manage patients outside of Hospital settings, promptly flagging and alerting them to any issues while collecting patient data that will help inform clinical decision making.

Early analysis from our current work with a Secondary Care NHS Trust indicates the potential for significant savings with remote working at a cost of as little as 38p per day per patent and savings up to circa £2 million if deployed successfully to 300 patients.

Why deploy Heart Failure Monitoring?

Reduce Unnecessary Appointments

With live monitoring, reduce the need for follow-up appointments and get an accurate picture of how your patients are feeling and responding remotely.

Intervene Proactively

Track how patients are responding and stay alert to changes in condition or development of symptoms to intervene before it gets serious.

Gain greater insights to support decision making

Collating useful data and insights to clinical teams to better manage patients and improve individual care plans.

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How it works?

Using clinically accredited devices we capture data on key indicators such as Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Weight, Pulse Oximetry and Activity that help clinical teams accurately analyse and diagnose.

This information is encrypted and transmitted to the clinical teams with data sent from the Bluetooth devices and then to the hospital via a mobile app. Once the data has been sent across, clinical teams can then review the data and act accordingly in terms of intervention and care plan alterations.

This technology and digital pathway can also be adapted to monitor other pathways such as Cardiac Rehabilitation, Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation and COPD.

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