Health Booths & Video Consultation

Combat digital exclusion with health booths that can be placed in community settings or health centres

Remote Access to Health Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the difficulties around digital exclusion with the rise of online and video consultations due to restrictions on in person appointments.

Connexin Health’s remote consultation solutions support both care providers and patients by creating products that can be placed within care environments, public venues, or even multi-dwelling units, allowing those who can’t access care services or don’t need urgent attention can consult with care professionals.

Why deploy Health Booths?

Reduce Exclusion

By placing health booths within accessible and secure public places patients who traditionally can’t access physical or online services have an opportunity to consult with medical professionals and access GP digital services easily.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Our health booths are equipped with various medical devices that patients can use to securely provide their online clinicians with information to help inform decisions related to their care and provide the right advice to the patient.

Reduce Costs

The annual cost of unnecessary or missed GP, A&E and outpatient visits is estimated at £1 billion a year in the UK. Health booths and video consultations can not only help individual patients easily get initial advice or repeat prescriptions but also support care providers such as care homes to reduce the number of external medical appointments they need to attend without impacting patient outcomes.

Interested in our Health Booth solution?

How does it work?

Our Health Booths are connectivity-enabled systems, set up to allow patients to have remote consultations directly with healthcare professionals. Each system comes with medical devices (as specified by you) and audio/visual equipment to enable video calls.

The system provides direct access to clinicians via a portal where patients can be consulted in real-time and also provide medical information via the medical devices provided.

This data is securely shared with your clinician to help accurately advise and provide digital GP services such as repeat prescriptions, annual checkups and the like. From here, patients can be referred for further treatment or other services if required.

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