Fall Detection & Prevention Solutions

Remote digital solutions to alert carers of falls and fall risks to better protect vulnerable adults

Remote Fall Monitoring

Hip fractures alone account for 1.8 million hospital bed days and £1.1 billion in hospital costs every year, excluding the high cost of social care. 

Connexin Health’s fall detection solutions support care providers by remotely detecting falls and activity that is usually a precursor to incidents and alerting carers to potential incidents so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Falls and fractures in older people are often preventable and reducing them is important for maintaining the health, wellbeing, and independence of older people.

Why Deploy Fall Detection Solutions?

Protect Vulnerable Adults

With live bed and patient monitoring, reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring by being notified of unusual behaviours or falls throughout the day and night.

Intervene Proactively

Using a wrist-worn sensor, fall pendant, or environmental sensoring, receive alerts when falls occur or are likely to occur to intervene promptly and proactively act against further risk to the individual.

Reduce Costs

With falls being the most commonly reported incidents across the care continuum, effectively monitoring and mitigating against this risk reduces costs for hospitals and other care providers.

Interested in our Fall solutions?

How it works?

Our core Fall Detection solution works several different monitoring devices, one being a wearable device (either a pendant or wrist worn sensor_ that detects falls and another a sensor placed under a mattress that sends a signal to alert a carer depending on the behaviour of the patient.

This information is transmitted via a network or radio (if a network can’t be put in place) to the responsible clinical team in real-time via either a notification on a smart device or even a pager.

This solution can also adopt two-way communication devices to trigger emergency callouts and alerts so that patients who live independently can speak with a carer in the event of an incident and also have first responders and others alerted of the incident.

Pendant Sensors

Learn more about the application of our pendant sensors as part of our fall detection solution.

Platform Integration

Learn more about how our fall detection solutions integrate into ConnexinOS for Health.

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