CQC Management System

Helping Registered Managers to maintain robust and demonstrable evidence to simplify the process of CQC compliance.

Simplify CQC Compliance

For Registered Managers CQC compliance can be a real headache alongside all the day to day responsibilities that come with managing a specialist care environment. With multiple moving parts across processes, staff and documentation keeping track of every aspect can be difficult and it can be hard to have clear understanding as to whether you’re “on track” or not.

Connexin’s CQC Management System assists staff to review how well their organisation is doing against key standards and how staff are performing against allocated tasks and statutory duties.  This enables the organisation to quickly understand how well they are performing against CQC regulations and to identify and explore areas for improvement.

Fully customisable and adaptable to your unique care setting or challenges, Registered Managers can set tasks, manage weightings across key lines of enquiry to prioritise activity and keep a track of all audits in relation to CQC compliance to simplify the journey towards “Outstanding” status.

Why use a CQC Management System?

Track CQC Compliance

Keep track of how you and your team are performing against targets and prioritised KLOEs. Monitor and assign tasks and change weighting to tasks depending on importance and create dashboards to get clarity on all-round performance and compliance.

Simplify Audit Trails

Automatically create a full audit trail of CQC-related activity from individual tasks, training, and governance to complaints and risks to simplify the process of collating evidence of compliance and identifying areas of concern pre-assessment.

Give Ownership to Your Team

With the ability to create users for the whole of your team you can manage tasks and responsibilities across your care organisation. With task management and tracking as well as team-wide reporting your team can be clear on their duties and stay up to date with their progress and performance against their goals.

Connexin’s CQC Management System comes with the following sections and modules

Task Management

Assign and manage tasks to track activity and compliance across KLOEs.

My Tasks – Manage you own task list with different list views available including board views.

Checklists – Review your team’s tasks and current progress with active tasks as well as team-wide daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Workforce Management

Manage staff records and training records as well as creating

Staff Records – See an overview of all your staff records including training and policy competency.

Training & Development – Manage all staff training including deadlines and staff completion records across each training area.

Clinical Governance

Create a hub for all governance documents and logs.

Policies and Guidelines – Log and manage all policies and guidelines for your team to access.

Complaints – Add and manage all complaints received and create an audit trail or management

Risk Register – Manage all potential risks and score based on probability and impact.

Evidence & Compliance

Track and manage all evidence and compliance in relation to CQC KLOEs.

KPI Dashboard – Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effective and Well-Led – manage performance against all these areas as well as overall compliance across Training and Development, Complaints and Incidents.

Domain Audits – Review each CQC domain individually to check performance and understand issues and risks within each.

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