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Reduce costs and improve quality of care with the power of data 

The demands on Health and social care are ever increasing and the need for solutions to improve the quality of care is growing by the day. Connexin put in place IoT solutions that support early detection and prevention, starting in the home and reducing the strain on physical services.

Did you know there are 112,000 (7.3%) vacancies at any given time in adult social care?  (October 2020, Skills for Care).  This is likely to be an under-estimation post-covid.

Connexin can support carers and organisations by deploying smart technology to make the role of caring much more pro-active than reactive. 

The use of technology and Apps is now part of everyday life, whether it is banking, buying online, booking a hair GP or hair appointment, or finding out the day of collection for your waste bins, or how much energy you are consuming in the home, digitalisation is here to stay and will continue to extend into every part of our life.

Some of the Key Challenges Faced Around Healthcare

Workforce & Capacity

We know recruiting and retaining is difficult.  We believe using smart solutions to support the delivery of care can take the pressure many carers face by deploying technology that triggers alerts and provides real-time data to support decision-making and pro-active care.  The Health and Social Care Platform (ConnexinOS for Health) is the catalyst for providing technology enabled care.


ConnexinOS for Health is used to add devices and sensors, which will provide the triggers, alerts and data that can be used to demonstrate compliance against service-related tasks and key performance indicators.  Whatever your data collection needs are, ConnexinOs Health can help you to digitalise processes to help streamline services and also:

  • Bring your data into one single point of reference
  • Drive insights from your data
  • Automate alerts and actions based on patient health signals
  • Co-ordinate a multi-agency response to improve outcomes

Devices & Sensors

Connexin Health offer a range of devices aimed at Health and Adult Social Care providers. Your digital journey can start with simple steps of monitoring falls, motion detectors, air quality, medication administration and dispensing and extend to multiple use cases, which are far more comprehensive, including monitoring heart failure, GP consultations, proximity tracking to measure the amount of face-to-face care provided, travel time and much, much, more.


One big challenge throughout Adult Social Care is having the right infrastructure in place to enable the adoption of smart technologies and solutions within care environments. Whilst this can be a daunting process, Connexin supply traditional telecoms services to provide you with the telecoms infrastructure you need and give you peace of mind when it comes to adopting new systems into your care environments.

Interested in our Connexin Health’s Solutions?

Save 1 hour per patient and £250k per month from missed appointments with MyPre-Op.

Cancellation on the day of surgery is a major issue in the UK for the NHS and other healthcare systems. A recent study over a 1-week period in NHS hospitals suggested a cancellation rate of between 10% and 14% and one-third of these were because of clinical reasons. Many of these cancellations could have been avoided with better pre-operative processes.

MyPre-Op creates a digital pathway for patients and trusts that reduces the need for lengthy appointments, cancellation rates and collect consent while reducing the strain on your resources.

IoT Solutions for

ConnexinOS for Health

Bring data into one place to support carers in providing quality, proactive care to individuals.

Fall Detection & Prevention

Remote digital solutions to alert carers of falls and fall risks to better protect residents.

CQC Management System

Helping Registered Managers to maintain robust and demonstrable evidence to simplify the process of CQC compliance.

Heart Failure Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of patient wellbeing to keep them safe and support independent living.

Devices & Sensors

Collect and monitor the right data and activity to achieve the outcomes you and your residents are looking for.

Health Booths & Video Consultation

Combat digital exclusion with health booths that can be placed in community settings or health centres.

Use Case Scenarios

To bring some of Connexin’s Use Cases to life we’ve created persona’s to provide context to how these solutions support multiple stakeholders to improve quality of care and how they can be practically applied to real-life challenges within Healthcare.

Our Specialist Team

At Connexin Health we have a team of specialists bringing together experience within Healthcare settings and also in designing and deploying Internet of Things solutions.

Lisa Greaves, Business Development Manager for Connexin Health, has over 20 years experience of working in senior operational roles in the NHS.  She is now applying that experience when deploying digital solutions to support operational delivery and improving patient outcomes with the support of Connexin’s IoT solutions team.

End to End IoT Deployment for
Smart Health

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