Why should the Education sector make the switch to Hosted Phone Systems?

For Schools, phone systems are an incredibly important cog in a pretty large machine. The reliance on the phone system is paramount for interdepartmental and parent/staff communication as well as keeping staff and students safe. With that said, are cloud-based hosted-phone systems best suited when compared to traditional PBX systems? 

We outline some key areas where Hosted Phone Systems give the Education sector the edge when it comes to their telecommunications, helping drive efficiency and safety. 


Call Management 

When dealing with different types of calls and also demand spikes during different times during the day, it’s important that you have a resilient system in place to best manage inbound calls. VoIP phone systems are well positioned to easily manage calls, whether that’s using an Auto Attendant to route calls to the right departments, effectively queue calls based on priority or provide the option to leave voicemails or messages outside of office hours or during busy times. 

Whereas a lot of these features aren’t standard with traditional on-site solutions, hosted phone systems often come with these features as standard at no extra cost as well as being incredibly easy to set up and manage either by an internal IT team or remotely by a provider such as Connexin. 


Safety Management 

Schools have a lot of moving parts, especially when there are large amounts of students and staff to manage as well as keep safe. Cloud-based phone systems allow for the flexibility needed to get messages out quickly and efficiently. 

Most systems have the ability to mass page and conference call to all handsets across the school, allowing information to be passed quickly and efficiency. Systems can also be connected to tannoy systems should information need to be communicated across the school to both staff and students. 

With the growth in the use of unified communications, Hosted phone systems have started to offer unified communication products that work in tandem. This allows messaging, audio & video conferencing as well as phone calling to take place all from one platform helping departments to communicate more effectively through one single point of use. 




As mentioned already unified communication tools such as Connexin’s Collaborate system allow for more effective and efficient communication both internally and externally. Available on both desktops/laptops and smart phones, applications like Collaborate give staff the flexibility to make calls and communicate from wherever they are working. So in situations where staff have to work from home, much like we’ve experienced during COVID-19, they still have the means to communicate with staff and pupils without any disruptions from setting up new systems and aligning everyone onto new platforms. 

These tools can also give information on the presence of the user by syncing with calendars to show availability (ie in a class or meeting) so that communication can occur in a more efficient manner and live syncing with handsets or softphones to show whether they are on a call or not. 


How we can help 

When it comes to telecommunications, there is a whole host of information available on what business should be doing going forward. At Connexin, we want to empower the Education sector to make decisions that have a positive impact on their staff and patients. 

If you want to know more about how we are helping organisations set up phone systems that work for them you can chat to a member of our team here. We’re on hand to give you the help and advice you need to make the best decision for you and your team and provide end-to-end support for whatever requirements you have.