5 Must have’s in your next MDU

As a developer, you invest a lot to provide a great living or working experience in your multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Whether it’s student accommodation, luxury apartments, or office spaces, your residents expect more. These days, MDUs are as high tech as any gadget you’ve bought in the last few years and in trying to equip them with all the latest technology, developers have an increasing reliance on suppliers and partners to ensure their developments are built for success. 

At Connexin, we’ve serviced customers across the country providing high quality, reliable, tech solutions with unique network designs to make each residence or business within your MDUs a smart living space.  

So having worked with developers on a variety of multi-use developments, here are our top 5 must haves you should consider for your latest project. 


Dedicated Connectivity

Wi-Fi is becoming a bigger factor in where people decide to locate and whether they stay. With people connecting more devices—laptops, smartphones, gaming systems, and smart devices. They want a connected home or workspace with seamless, secure connectivity that link every aspect of their work and play.  

Dedicated connectivity to site gives you the best speeds, contingency, and reliability. Ethernet Lease Lines are ideal for MDUs that have high demand and reliance on their connectivity. As an Ethernet line is a dedicated, uncontended connection to your property, they are perfect for distributing connectivity to multiple tenants.  Not only do you get a dedicated, uncontended Internet line just for you, you also get exceptional speeds and performance, with ultra-low latency.  

Fibre Ethernet brings reliability and dedicated bandwidth which means your connection never slows down, giving you guaranteed speeds. It is a highly secure and resilient option that’s great for businesses that need to maintain an ‘always on’ connection.  


Secure, Managed Networks

From simple plug in and play systems to enterprise level networking, Managed Wi-Fi solutions allow you to distribute Wi-Fi across your site as well as create multiple networks for your staff or tenants. 

With managed Wi-Fi the internet is distributed to different points in your building. It automatically swaps your device’s connection to the access point with the best signal so you’ve always got coverage. Therefor its worth ensuring you’ve got enough network points across the building to support this.  

Because it’s managed by an external service provider, such as Connexin, there’s no onsite support or maintenance required. This means no fiddling about with your equipment and no need to keep buying more routers to try and improve your chances of getting a good connection.  

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Keeping your business and residents safe

CCTV, door access and security can be one of those things that businesses don’t fully consider until a disaster happens. Should you experience a break in however, you will wish that you had the upper hand. Things such as vandalism and theft can cause a major disruption to any business and potentially have huge financial impact.  

One of the first things to consider when installing CCTV and Security across your building is how your connectivity will support this. With multiple cameras deployed, on-site security rooms and giving customers access should they need it, will require a reliable connection. 

At Connexin, we work with the best-in-class Door Access and CCTV vendors to provide a complete end-to-end solution. From video management software to a wide range of network cameras, we’ve got you and your premises covered, day and night. Our programmable door access systems, allow you to manage site access across the board, providing access to the right people at the right time, from the front door to specific rooms.  

CCTV not only aids you in finding and prosecuting thieves and troublemakers, it’s also a great preventative measure along with controlled door access. Visible CCTV cameras can be an enormous deterrent to crime and not only that, they often reduce your insurance premium. 


Save Money and Energy

Energy procurement isn’t always at the top of your ‘to-do list’ and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, especially with everything going on in the world right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted electricity prices, while, renewable energy is swiftly becoming more popular.  

Energy procurement is one way of removing the stress of dealing with energy contracts and suppliers. This can save your business time, money and help you reduce consumption. It is also a great way of discovering Green Tariffs. Not only saving you money but saving the planet with 100% renewable energy. Going Green is great for brand awareness, as more and more people look to do their part for the planet consumers are driven towards companies who are also doing their bit. You even customise EV Charging Points and have them installed at your development. 

It’s always worth considering changing providers once your contract is coming up for renewal. While that seems a headache for most, if you have someone looking after your energy procurement, it is all taken care of for you. With an automatic switching service, you are always on the best deal available. 


Hosted Phone System

Whether you need multiple phones within an office space or phones in individual apartments, with built in features such as call recording, call forwarding and voicemail residents will never miss a call.  

A cloud-hosted phone system runs off your on-site connectivity, so no need for a big on-site PBX. Simply plug into your network and away you go. Switching to a hosted phone system, or VoIP solution can also save you time and money. Unlike PBX systems which are expensive to set up and maintain, VoIP systems often don’t have anything to buy, install or maintain. If a handset is required these can often be leased as part of a package. Set up fees can apply but are often tiny in comparison to PBX systems and can be done in minutes opposed to days. Not to mentioned ongoing management being possible from inside your own business.  

With an extensive range of call functions and features such as voicemail, call forwarding and call holding often included into even some basic packages. You also get the benefit of new and improved features which aren’t possible on PBX systems, such as virtual receptionist, instant messaging, and call centre management. All of which are managed via an easy-to-use web interface, meaning you can easily configure your phone system according to your business needs. Whether you need to up or downscale your phone system in line with your business, VoIP services allow you to be extremely scalable and make changes in minutes rather than days. Without the need to make changes to physical hardware you don’t have to wait for support to come and add or remove wires, enabling you to make the changes you want when you want and only pay for the resources you need. 

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If your MDU can benefit from any of these please do get in touch, or to find out more how connexin can help your business click here!