ConnexinOS IoT Platform

Bringing Data Together

Collecting data from different devices on different networks and servers can be very complex and potentially an expensive one. ConnexinOS is a highly scalable, secure IoT platform that simplifies data aggregation and integration. In other words, it brings all different datasets into a single pane of glass, making management and monitoring of your cities and communities an easy one.

Technology Agnostic

Capture data from any device, source or network

Data Aggregation

Aggregate different datasets so they speak the same language

Single Platform

Bringing different datasets from different sources into a single platform

Automation & AI

Action suggested outcomes based on SOP (standard operating procedures) using the power of AI and machine learning

Key Features of ConnexinOS

ConnexinOS IoT Platform Air Quality Dashboard

Advanced Visualisations

Intuitive dashboard provide visualisation of asset

Device Management

Easily onboard and manage devices allowing total control and self service

Monitoring & Alterting

Real-time monitoring and altering based on events and SOP

Data Normalisation

Normalise data from different devices and sources so they speak the same language

Data Storage

Data storage in the cloud

Data Analytics

“What happened”, “why it happed”, “what will happen” and “what to do next”

Access Control

Fully featured user role based access control to keep thing secured

Secure Communications

Device, gateway and sensor communications are secured at the highest level


Ability to integrate seamlessly with other system, analytic and visitation platform

Brands that rely on our ConnexinOS platform

ConnexinOS Architecture

IoT Solutions for ConnexinOS

From streetlights to vehicle tracking, waste management and asset monitoring. As an IoT operator, we provide end-to-end IoT solutions driven by your desired outcomes. Bring all this data into a single platform to easily manage and monitor what is happening in your city, community or organisation.

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