Hull homeless organisation ‘Raise the Roof’ gets ultra-fast broadband powered by Connexin

Hull-based organisation ‘Raise the Roof’ have recently re-vamped their café space into a community support & resource area. The resource centre provides Hull residents with an Ultra-fast wi-fi connection so they are able to apply for jobs, seek mental health advice and contact the council.

With the recent Coronavirus Pandemic, Raise the Roof were unable to open their soup kitchen doors – instead the team actively delivered around 600 hot meals per week to families and people in need. Realising that they could utilise their café/kitchen front in a  different way, the idea of the community resource centre was born.

With current times, there are more people actively searching for local jobs. With some unable to access a stable internet connection at home, Connexin stepped in and provided the premises with a gigabit-capable Wi-Fi service. With the speeds provided, the resource centre could utilise multiple computers at once – meaning more people can access the sites they need, giving everyone in the community a ‘fair’ start.

The Solution

Connexin knew they needed to provide a future-proof, top of the range service to Raise the Roof so that generations to come are able to access ultra-fast broadband. The main challenge in creating a solution was ensuring the connection had enough speed bandwidth to serve multiple users throughout the premises at the same time.

After careful deliberation, Connexin installed and delivered a secure connectivity solution focused on ultra-fast speeds of up to 200Mbps paired with an unlimited data cap. The service is monitored by our network team 24/7/365 – so the Raise the Roof team have peace of mind that their services remain accessible to whoever, whenever.

Connexin are proud to have played a part in such an admirable project, we hope our broadband services continue to enable people in need to access valuable resources for years to come.

Raise the Roof is a non-profit organisation ran by unpaid volunteers and supported wholly by donations, if you’d like to see how you can help please visit:

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