Connexin delivers Site-Wide solution for Broadway Business Hub

Broadway Business Hub, situated in the heart of Hull, has recently opened its doors to tenants providing 41 offices and 2 meeting rooms for local businesses. Already in an ideal location, the Business Hub owners, Rita & Brian, teamed up with Connexin to deliver a smart building-wide managed solution. With the help of Connexin, Broadway House has been transformed into a smart and modern workspace bringing together different high-tech solutions to provide the perfect workspace for businesses to move into.

Brian expressed the need for secure, reliable and efficient solutions including CCTV, Door Access Control, Hosted Phone System and ultra speed broadband connection for each tenant. He said:

We know from past experience that the modern business person is wanting the very best, quick and reliable service when it comes to broadband. After much investigation in the local market we chose Connexin because it ticked all the boxes. The safety and security of our clients was paramount to us when setting up Broadway House and again Connexin came out on top with what they presented to us and installed. We now have a fantastic CCTV and door access system, helping us with the marketing of the offices as this is a foremost requirement from our clients.”

The Challenges

With four floors and over 41 rooms, it was important that Connexin delivered a ultra speed Wi-Fi network that could cover the whole building and serve thousands of devices at once. With the building planning to house a mix of companies we also wanted to focus on privacy and security for each respective tenant. 

Wi-Fi has become a necessity in any office, and many businesses these days can simply not run without it – it was integral we delivered a reliable back-up broadband connection in the event of an outage.

When it came to Door Access Control and CCTV, it was paramount that we provided the most secure and flexible solution for Broadway House and its future tenants. There were external and internal doors that required access control management as well as CCTV monitoring both inside and outside of the building.

The Solution

Connexin delivered a secure and gigabit capable internal local network , allowing tenants to occupy their own secure private segment of the network with ultra fast download speeds of up to 200Mbps. Each tenant receives an unlimited usage, their own static IP and will benefit from a back-up broadband connection in the event of an outage. Alongside this, the service is managed by our network operations team 24/7/365 so in the event of any issues our team can respond and provide assistance and resolution immediately.

Connexin installed an advanced Door Access Control system across the building using key card access technology so tenants can roam around all floors seamlessly. Broadway House’s external door can now also be managed by video/voice call technology so that the reception can effectively monitor who enters the building.

Lastly, Broadway House now benefits from a network of CCTV cameras paired with a handy mobile phone app where cameras live feed can be viewed remotely, previous recordings can be streamed and backed-up and schedule recording times. The CCTV solution comes with many other features such as the ability to set up motion detection recording and notifications. Using the best CCTV technology, Brian & Rita now have constant peace of mind when it comes to the security of Broadway House.

Now that we’ve completed the installation of our solution and Broadway House has been officially opened, Brian has been able to utilise all aspects of the solution, he said:

“I found that the flexibility of the solution that was offered to us was almost bespoke to our needs and specified with us in mind, particularly of the incoming clients that would be taking up office space. They made the operational and management of the systems so easy and simple that it is a pleasure to use.”

Why Connexin?

When it came to choosing Connexin as a long-term partner, Brian said:

“In the end the choice was simple. In the past, I had worked on 4 other developments using various other providers, including Connexin. We found that Connexin offered professional, flexible and simplified systems that suited our every need. The choice was easy, we went with Connexin and are very pleased we did.

I found the experience of dealing with Connexin superb. All the timelines were met and I was kept informed at every step of the process. Also, the team that installed the systems for us were great.”

You can read more about our Managed Building Solutions here:

Looking to move?

Currently, Broadway Business Hub has some remaining office spaces. If you’re looking to move your business into an ideal, modern city centre workspace or wanting further details, you can contact Rita on 07564 027377.