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Hull Collegiate alumni provide Superfast broadband to former school

Connexin founders, Furqan Alamgir and Alex Yeung were proud to provide  1gbps network, Wifi and broadband connectivity to their former school, Hull Collegiate.
Both Furqan and Alex studied at Hull Collegiate, formerly Hull Grammar, leaving in 2003, before moving onto their respective universities. Having found independent success in their own fields, both felt that it was important to come back to Hull and provide a better and more affordable broadband service than already available in the area.


Working along side IT manager Mr Brad Ashton, Connexin upgraded the schools internal network to operate at speeds of 1Gbps and installed a site wide wireless network providing full coverage of the school.


Access points were installed across the site ensuring excellent coverage, signal and performance. The service which is now being used, has around 100 devices connected at all times and peaks at 250 during dinner times and after school.


Brad Ashton, network manager at Hull Collegiate school, said: “Understandably all the excitement was around the installation of our first Connexin wireless network.”
“From a management point of view it’s the Connexin routers that have given us the biggest benefit in terms of infrastructure and cost savings moving forward.”
“Connexin devices have been installed in each distribution cabinet to manage the traffic on the network taking the workload off the switches. This has given us a number of features and benefits, namely:
·      –  An improvement in network speeds at the extremities of the network.
·      – As each switch is now plugged into the Connexin router, this means a switch can be located anywhere; in our building many rooms have insufficient data points, so we can patch the data points into the Connexin router and install a switch in the room with no loss of performance.
·      –  Costs savings on new switches, as all traffic management is taken care of by the Connexin routers and we no longer need to spend £1000+ on full gigabit switches.”
“The installation of the Connexin technology has already paid for itself through the savings we’ve made in data cabling and switch upgrades.”
“Both the Connexin wireless solution and the Connexin Core routers have proved to be 100% reliable in their first year and I would have no hesitation to using Connexin hardware again in the future.”
Furqan Alamgir said: “As former pupils of Hull Collegiate School, we wanted to show our support and take Hull Collegiate to the next level by working closely with the school to deliver the fastest possible technology infrastructure. Hull collegiate now sits on par with some of the bigger banks in London in terms of how much data the network can carry. We look forward to working with them again on other projects in the future.”


Alex Yeung said: “Having gained so much from the school ourselves, it’s been great working with the teachers and the IT department. The school is very innovative and is keen to lead the way forward in education using next generation technology.”


About Hull Collegiate

Hull Collegiate School was formed in 2005 after the merging of two Hull independent schools, Hull High School and Hull Grammar. The newly formed school is made up of 100 staff members and made up of 800 students ranging from ages 6-18.