Multi-Dwelling Unit Solutions

Managed telecom services for serviced offices, schools, universities, residential flats, apartments and the likes.

Supporting commercial property managers with bespoke, flexible, and futureproofed telecoms solutions. 

 If you own or use a commercial property for your business, there’s lots of things to consider when thinking about your telecommunication requirements. From connectivity to safety and security, whatever your requirements, Connexin can support you with the design and installation of bespoke solutions and services to fit your needs and budget. 

Organisations who rely on Connexin

Some of the Key Challenges Faced by People with Commercial Property

Keeping Your Building Safe & Secure 

If you have different people coming and going from your building, ensuring the safety and security of not only your assets but people using your facility is of the upmost importance. Ensuring that you have systems in place to mitigate risk and ultimately keep everyone safe can go a long way to easing those worries and financial risks. 

Tenant Expectations & Futureproofing 

No matter what the core uses of your property are, tenants, consumers and visitors all have changing and evolving expectations when it comes to technology and communications. Things such as connectivity and WiFi are almost essential requirements within commercial buildings and the need to stay up to date with your building tech is as important as ever.

Return on Investment 

Investing in this kind of tech can be quite daunting, especially when there’s lots of different things to consider. It can be easy to put systems in place that don’t support your requirements in the long term and need replacing after a couple of years meaning it’s hard to justify the investment.

Commercial Solutions in Action

Managed Telecoms for Hull’s Revolutionary K2 Development

Working with developer, Tradepark, Connexin designed and installed a complete telecommunications system at K2 Bond Street, a 13-level, multi-space complex featuring serviced offices, coworking space, apartments and other commercial units. 

Use Cases for our MDU Solutions

Serviced Offices 

Full-service telecommunications to help your tenants stay at the top of their game. 

Apartments and Accommodation 

Site-wide connectivity and security to keep your tenants both safe and connected.

Care Homes and Medical Facilities 

Bespoke systems to enable the use of cutting-edge medical technology and systems.

Commercial Units 

Custom solution design and implementation for whatever your use case, requirements and budget.

Our Commercial Solutions

We design and install systems that work seamlessly together, from site connectivity, to managed WiFi to phone systems, CCTV and door access. Everything is setup to your specifications to best support you and your needs without the need to manage various contractors and providers. 

Business Broadband 

Business-grade broadband solutions to provide cost-effective connectivity to site via Wireless or Fibre technology. 

Ethernet Leased Lines 

Dedicated connectivity to site giving you the best speeds, contingency and reliability. Ideal for sites that have high demand and reliance on their connectivity. 

Managed WiFi  

From simple plug in and play systems to enterprise level networking, our managed wifi solutions allow you to distribute WiFi across your site as well as create multiple networks for your staff or tenants.  

Hosted Phone System 

Cloud-hosted phone systems that run off your on-site connectivity, simply plug into your network and away you go. Provide telephony and unified communications (voice, video calling and instant messaging) to your staff and tenants. 

CCTV & Security 

Dedicated CCTV system design to keep your site, staff and tenants safe. With remote access and a multitude of camera and devicoptions we help you put in place security that safeguards the things that are important to you. 

Door Access 

Programmable access systems, allowing you to manage site access across the boardProvide access to the right people at the right time, from front door to specific rooms. 

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