Managed WiFi

Plug and play WiFi made simple for busy people. Allow your staff or customers to get connected within minutes.


Get your staff and customers to wave goodbye to slow internet. With our managed WiFi solutions, we can help you deliver WiFi to your staff or customers quickly, intelligently and securely. This, in turn, gives you happier customers, more productive staff and greater security support.

Why choose our Managed WiFi solution



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Benefits of our Managed WiFi

Set up in minutes

No technical know-how is needed. With our Managed Wifi solution, you can self install and add new WiFi access points with ease.

Keep it strictly business

Easily create secure WiFi access for guests or clients with a single click of a button. Keep your data away from the public WiFi.


Limit unnecessary wasted bandwidth on streaming videos, audio, or unauthorised file sharing to keep your WiFi running smoothly and quickly.


Our WiFi solutions come secured as standard. Protect your business from malicious attacks from websites and downloads.

Keep a close eye

Monitor who is using your WiFi network and how it is being used within your business anytime, from anywhere.

Stay informed

Stay informed with what’s going on on your WiFi network. Know which access point is offline, what devices are using the most bandwidth, and then fix the issues quickly.

Bursting with Features

Inclusive features with each Wifi solution


Create multiple guest networks to accommodate your guest WiFi needs. One simple click of a button allows the prevention of guests’ devices from interacting with the rest of your network and devices. Set up web blocking and usage limits to prevent guest users from mis-using the WiFi network.


Create a simple click-through landing page to control what your guests will see when they first log onto your WiFi network. To go further with this, why not add our Advanced Captive Portal bolt-on to create a complete branded landing page with the ability to capture useful data for marketing purposes.


We take security very seriously at Connexin. We want to make sure that your WiFi network is protected as well as the users who are using the WiFi service. Each connected access point continuously scans and protects you against security threats. It also has built-in content filtering to ensure that any explicit and harmful content is blocked and filtered to protect your WiFi users.

Personalise your Managed WiFi

Get even more out of your Managed WiFi networks

Captive Portal

Information is king. Our Advanced Captive Portal bolt-on allows for the creation of your own branded captive portal that visitors see when they log onto your guest WiFi. Capture data such as name, phone number, email address, and postal address so you can keep in touch with your customers for future engagement.

Need something a bit more bespoke?

We put together bespoke Manage WiFi systems for customers who need a solution designed around them and their needs. Whether that’s a coffee shop, a shopping centre, or even a public WiFi for cities, we work with you to get the right solution for you and your team.

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