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5G Technology

Welcome to a new world of high speed, data intensive IoT solutions and applications

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile technology and, like the jump from 3G to 4G, it will bring faster download and upload speeds (higher bandwidth) and more rapid response times (lower latency) than ever before. The performance of networks will be significantly better than anything previously available.

For IoT (Internet of Things), 5G will play an important role in supporting new high speed IoT applications such as 4K CCTV cameras and drones. A new opportunity enabled by 5G is critical IoT applications requiring unparalleled reliability (99.999%) and extremely low latency (1 ms minimum). Example of IoT applications include connected vehicles, health equipment, and industrial applications such as remote control of machines.

Key Features of 5G Technology

Faster Speeds, Much Faster Average speeds of 130-240Mbps, with peak speeds of around 5Gbps
Lower Latency
Lower LatencyDevices can respond almost instantly to commands sent over the network
High Capacity
Greater Capacity 5G technology enables a larger number of devices to be connected at high speeds
Improved ReliabilityLess dropouts even at peak times and in busy locations, improving service quality
More FlexibleNetwork slicing enables the creation of a stack of virtual networks for different needs

Frequently Asked Questions?

5G operates on similar principles to 4G, but uses much more of the available radio spectrum, particularly short waves at very high frequencies. This allows 5G to deliver greater capacity, higher speeds (bandwidth), and lower response times (latency) than previous generations of networks.

Thanks to 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency, data can move much more quickly around the network, and the increased capacity allows more devices to be connected simultaneously. As a result, safety-critical services such as remote robotic surgery in healthcare and autonomous public and private transportation will become more efficient and secure. High-speed applications involving virtual and augmented reality, high-resolution images from camera networks, and control of drones are possible. 5G small cell networks will underpin the development of smart cities. In short, 5G is creating a world of new IoT and business opportunities

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